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तृष्णा भट्टाचार्य

Fitness trainer,Fitness Academy | Posted 30 May, 2018 | Astrology

what is the significance of malmash?


Avinash Kumar

Engineer | Posted 02 Jun, 2018

The concept of malmash is unique to the hindu calendar and it is also called adhik maas. It occurs after every 32 months 16 days and 8 ghatis to balance the gap between solar and lunar calendar. An extra month comes after every three years and is termed adhik maas or purshotam maas. It is one of the best nethods to adjust the gap between solar and lunar year, when the sun does not at all transit into a new rashi.

No lord agreed to become the deity of this month as it is considered unauspicious and thus lord Vishnu assigned this month to himself and thus called purshottam maas. This month must be devoted to self-development, evaluation, assessment, reflection and introspection. It is the best and most accurate time to detoxify the body and soul. It is the time to regain once strength physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. During adhik maas one should perform sacred rituals like japa, charity, bhagvat katha, yagya to gain physical strength, mental balance, firmness of thought and actions, calmness and spiritual satisfaction and peace. The malmaas is associated with spiritual enlightenment and deliverance from earthly sins. Observing fast during malmaas gives punya equivalent to performing hundreds of yagyas. Doing sacred deeds during malmaas master our senses and eliminate the miseries of the cycle of rebirth.