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Rishi Roy

Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted on | Astrology

What is the Use of astrology in our life ?


Mechanical engineer | Posted on

Its depends actually, in what way you see the astrology "rational or superstitious", or sometime people do it for times pass, like other things Astrology have plus and minus points , its depends how you would like to use it.


like, i use this for, Better understanding of different personalities



Astrology can give us an insight into the mindset and the characteristics of people with whom we live. In this way we can better adapt to each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we can also avoid conflicts and reduce the negative consequences of the differences in the characters.


Blogger | Posted on

First of all lets get to know what is astrology is, shall we?

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

So, it is intepreted not said.

Hence, astrology will never affect you or your life in any means.

Just relax and enjoy the life.


Content Writer | Posted on

ज्योतिषामयनं चक्षु: it means astrology is the 6th part of “Ved Purush” which help to see the right time (Mahurta) for Chanting of ved mantra and performing of all other rituals etc.

“एते ग्रहा बलिष्ठा: प्रसूति काले नृणां स्वमूर्तीसमम् । कुर्युनेंह नियतं वहवश्च समागता मिश्रम् ।।“

The Meaning of this shlok is “The impact of the light and constellations of all the planets falls on all the living creatures and things on earth. Due to the different angle of planetary light at different places, there is a difference in light intensity.” That’s is way we have specific time (Mahurat) for specific work and that is we calculate from planets.

Astrology is a medium that helps you and show you which kind of problems can arise in the near future, how to behave in that situation, by what donating, by worshiping of which god, by wearing of which gems and stones or Rudraksh, bathing by which of herbs water, and by tree astrology etc. You can reduce or increase the effect of these planets. Astrology is a science that is not a magic as if a doctor advises you or the weather department informs you of the problems that are coming is big and advises you to be careful not to do this or that etc. Just like this, astrologer also helps you reading your Horoscope and advice you according to the conditions like donation, worshiping, worshiping of which tree who can reduce your problem by doing small things. The effects of planets can be reduced only not end. Therefore, in the way other paths are required by way of guidance, so in our life there is a special place and a special requirement of Astrology

 “Believe the astrology with Faith not with blind faith because blindness always harm you” 



SEO at SEO For Google | Posted on

One and Only advantage of Astrology is Spiritual development.

Crystal gazing was never intended to use for Predictions and solutions for riches. A crystal gazer had a job in Vedic culture. Each individual has high points and low points throughout everyday life. They are vital for him. In any case, these are identified with past karmas and he becomes mixed up in them.

A soothsayer needs to see the primary fate of an individual as a spirit and guide him properly in how possess way, so he develops profoundly. He can utilize Tantra, Mantra , Yantra or any Vedic solution for help the individual in need.

In any case, expectation for cash and riches was never rationale in foundation of soothsaying.

Different advantages are

Identity investigation of an individual.

Horoscope coordinating.

Profession examination.

Offering solution for medical problems.

Marriage mentor.


university | Posted on

How fascinated do we get to know about what is in store of us soon? Yes, most of us become very excited about learning what lays ahead and what measures and remedies can be followed to bring happiness and prosperity in our lives. Astrology has a great significance in Hindu mythology. It is an ancient science. It is the study of planets and its position and its effect on human life. It deals with all the significant aspects of human life- marriage, career, health, finance, relationships, etc. The concept is popular in the western countries also by the name of horoscopes which has now become more of an entertainment for people.



The Indian astrology deals with the planets and their effect on the past, present and future of an individual. It reveals the person's destiny and suggests remedies and solutions for problems envisaging our lives. It becomes essential to understand the incredible science of astrology as it helps in guiding and overcoming the difficulties in life because of the position of our planets. Astrology can make our lives happier and lead us towards a better future.


Astrology is an important concept to understand as it is beneficial in our lives and has the power of changing our lives. Let’s discuss how astrology influences our lives.


It guides you and provides you with a clear picture of the things. It helps in making you better decisions in your career, love and relationships.


It helps you in knowing what lies ahead for you. If there are any obstacles or problems that you would face in future, it will help you find out solutions for the same and prevent that from happening.


It helps in understanding yourself by reflecting on your weaknesses and strengths and your traits. This will give you confidence and will act as a self tool to understand yourself better.


It also helps with your career and enables you to make the best decision for the same.


It will help you to understand where you need to invest and try your hands on to earn greater profits and increase the flow of finance. It helps you with your finances as well.


On the personal front, it will help in predicting the right match for your marriage, and if you face any difficulty in marriage, solutions for the same can be provided. It enables you to understand each other’s nature and traits and whether you will be suitable for a couple or not.


It helps you in choosing the right profession for you so that you excel in that field and achieve immense growth and success.


If you are facing constant problems and issues in your life, you can take the help of astrology and get immediate solutions on how to get yourself out of the situation.


It also helps in knowing and understanding other people with the help of their zodiac signs. One can know their personality traits and decide whether they will go along well or not.






Astrology has been in use since ancient times, and it has helped people immensely and changed their lives. It is the study of planets, stars and sun which help in understanding their influence on your life. Astrology doesn’t mean that we stop doing our work and depend on our destiny. Astrology is just a way to guide you and understand yourself.





Blogger | Posted on

The importance of astrology is still well known to many cultures. The people of India and China put great stock in astrology even today. They practice the art of astrology in their daily lives, and base major decisions on the science. In the Western world, astrology has become more of a form of entertainment.


| Posted on

Astrology is the study of planetary movements in the cosmos and universal phenomena including life. Planets, in their true self, are the celestial bodies of the solar system. These celestial bodies have laid the foundations with human association following the origin of civilizations with divergence.

The concept of astrology might be accepted or rejected but cannot be ignored. The way in which one perceives astrology varies from person to person. Where native’s astrology is a pure science for a few, it is divine guidance for others and sacred for the rest. Astrology can predict the past, present, and future by analyzing the planetary movements and placements. This is done by edging earth’s orbit around the Sun as a starting point or a guide for determining the particular astronomical scheming of movements and placements of existing planets.

Astrology can forecast the reaping benefits coming one’s way and forewarn the naive about inevitable misfortune. The planetary bodies in astrology have certain effects on lives. Similarly, planets signify a specific human body part and the associated ailments of the same.


The varying movements and positioning of the Moon and planets have several impacts on minds and emotions that sometimes invade without any realization. To study how a particular planet or two have various effects and influential phase on lives for a specific time to such great extent, astrologers compare birth time planetary positions with the planetary position during the current period of study. These positive or negative comparisons outline the alterations in life or mood or the reason behind a particular reaction towards a situation or fluctuating behavioral patterns. The planetary movements of people we deal with have certain effects on our lives too.

Non-believers generally adopt the concept of astrology during the situation of disasters. Reason being the origin of the word “disaster”, roots; – “dis”, means separation, and “aster”, means star, which concludes “separation from the stars”. This logical explanation justifies the direct influence of the planets, the Moon, and the movement of the stars in lives.

We have summarized certain effects of astrology on lives, for a detailed picture we suggest to consult an astrologer.

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