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What-s the scope of nursing?


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Nursing is the largest yet most diverse health care professions.Nursing truly provide wide range of treatments and administer medications to patients under the supervision of a doctor.
A person who is trained to give medical attention and support to the patients is known as a nurse, The nurse patient relationship us formed on the basis of mutual trust and bond. All the professions are highly proficient and efficient in the work that there is no place for plagiarism.
There are different positions held by nurses in hospital such as nurses, wards ,sister,deputy nursing superintendent etc.
The scope of nursing practice is the range of roles, functions and responsibilities. Nurse practice is underpinned by values that guide, the way in which nursing care is provided.
Nurse care combines art and science. Nursing care is holistic. It is grounded in understanding of the social emotional,psychological,physical, cultural and spiritual experience of patients and is based upon the best available research and experiential evidence.
The scope of practice of an individual nurse is influenced by a number of factors,
  • The nurse's educational qualification and professional practice.
  • Local and national policies.
  • Practice setting
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And few various customer care outcomes are also important .


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