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Posted 20 Sep, 2019 |

what Warehouse Execution Software-What Are The Pros & How To Leverage Them?


Posted 20 Sep, 2019

Today, automation systems & solutions are in high demand. The omnichannel retail, e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain industries are leaving no stone unturned to adopt these solutions for driving higher efficiency, productivity, and safety within the distribution centers. The industry leaders are getting connected with a reliable automation solution provider to choose the most suitable one according to their business needs. 

What Are The Benefits Of Adopting Warehouse Execution Software?

Easily Customizable:

However, not all the warehouses are the same, yet with the solutions like warehouse execution software, they can be transformed into a facility that does the exact things that you desire at any time. Customization and flexibility can be accomplished with such a solution, which makes the task of managing the inventory a breeze. 


Such solutions can offer the paybacks on investment within 3-5 years, leaving 20 to reap cost savings as well as profit potential. The affordability accrues from a variety of sources as given below:

Eliminated waste

Minimum labor and equipment costs

Maintenance costs are lower

Elimination in land use requirements

Fewer energy costs, especially for refrigerated & frozen stores

Provide higher inventory accuracy:

By using warehouse execution system (WES), and integrating it with the AS/RS, enterprises can have complete control over their inventory. This solution is a highly popular all year round or slow-moving seasonal product. Hence, distributors and manufacturers can focus on more critical areas, including fulfilling orders and that too, without worrying about inventory and maximizing space.

Optimize order fulfillment:

By implementing the warehouse execution software, businesses can quickly and efficiently finish the picking procedures, route, and the sequence to enable better performance of the overall warehouse. However, the perfect and successful order fulfillment starts with the design of the picking procedure. This solution with the material handling systems of the warehouse can drastically simplify the method of picking process for improving order fulfillment.

Create a safe working environment:

The warehouse execution software adopts the idea of “goods-to-person.” It is capable enough in reducing the amount of physical labor which is incorporated with these tasks, including carrying, walking, and lifting heavy loads. This solution is also capable of eliminating several breaks and keeping the employees out of the sub-zero temperature even in the frozen food stores. 

About GreyOrange Pte Ltd. 

GreyOrange is a leading multinational technology company that deals in designing, manufacturing, and deploying advanced robotic systems like warehouse execution software, warehouse management robotic systems, autonomous mobile robots, automated picking system, and sortation robots. The company is in the industry for more than a decade. The company holds a team of skilled and energetic individuals who provide robust customer support to their clients to ensure higher customer satisfaction. The organization makes sure that only the best and bug-free products come into the market; therefore, they conduct a quality test before launching it to the market.