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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Posted on | Food-Cooking

Which are the most harmful food items that we consume daily unknowingly?


Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on

There are many food items which we consume unknowingly on daily basis. They are the items which we think are good for our health but in reality, they are very harmful.


Acarbonic food: Harmful pesticides and fertilizers are used to manufacture acarbonic food which affect our health seriously. To manufacture these items, the genetic makeup of the ingredient substance is changed. Many of the fruits and vegetables which we think are harmless are acarbonic in reality. Food items like apple, cauliflower, or lettuce are no more organic in nature. Hence these vegetables and fruits, which are supposed to be healthy, become the reason of our degrading health. That’s why one should buy carbonic food items judiciously to make sure they are not affecting our health. Despite being comparatively expensive, we should always buy these biological food items.
Packaged food: Most of us find it convenient to consume packaged food as they are easy to prepare and eat. But they are harmful for health as they have no nutritional component in them. They consist of artificial color and substances which can be harmful for our heart.
Apart from acarbonic and packaged food items, aerated drinks and sugar are also harmful for our health.


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

Some of the food items that are harmful for our body, but we still consume unknowingly are:


1. White Bread:


It contains wheat and gluten, so its harmful for gluten sensitive people. 



2. Sugary Drinks:


Sugary drinks are the most harmful food item one can consume as it increases your total calorie intake indirectly. 


Sugary Drinks


3. Vegetable Oils:


Consumption of refined vegetable oils, such as soybean oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil and canola oil is very harmful for our health. 


 Vegetable Oils

4. French Fries and Potato Chips: 


Well, they have to be harmful as they are junk food, but special care should be taken while consuming these potato-made food items because they are generally made with refined sugar, refined wheat flour and added fats and have no essential nutrients in them. 


French Fries and Potato Chips


food science technician | Posted on

Hey there this is Humberto Ojeda Avila.

Here are 5 harmful food items we consume daily.

Processed meat


Potato crisps

Acarbonic food