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Which are the photos Saudi Arabia doesn-t want seen and proof Islam-s most holy relics ?


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The photos are of the demolition of what you are calling the proof of Islam’s most holy relics.
It was The Independent which the photographs of this archeological demolition. The authorities of Saudi Arabia are dismantling some sections of the two holiest cities of Islam –Mecca, and Medina. What is more surprising is the reaction of senior Wahabis and Imams of the major mosques of Saudi Arabia.


These Wahabis are against those archeologists who are in favor of the preservation of these holy sites and monuments which have in them inscribed the life and history of Prophet Muhammad in Arabic calligraphy.

The photos that The Independent revealed are that of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca whose Ottoman and Abbasid sections are being destroyed by the authorities of Saudi Arabia. Also known as the Grand Mosque, the part being destroyed also consists of Kaaba, which is the point towards which Muslims all over the world face while offering Namaz. The relics being dismantled date back more than a few hundred years.


The reason for this demolition is twofold. From the point of view of governmental authorities of Saudi Arabia, it is being done to erect big malls, resorts, and hotels for the accommodation and facility of the pilgrims that visit Mecca and Medina every year. The Wahabis, however, are opposing the criticism of archeologists who are against this demolition of the cultural heritage of Islam, because they think that preservation of these relics will encourage Shirq –the sin of idol worshipping. 


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