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Posted 09 Nov, 2019 |

Which is better, missed call verification or SMS-based verification?

Mouna Challa

Digital Marketer | Posted 09 Nov, 2019

When it comes to verifying phone numbers, missed call verification can prove to be better than SMS based verification. Here are a few reasons 

  • With missed call services, customers call on a published missed call number. The call gets disconnected after a ring and they are verified. The process is extremely easy, no wait time and customers bear no charge. With SMS based verification, first customers have to provide their phone numbers, then generate OTP and wait for it. Then after entering OTP, they get verified.
  • Missed call verification works on both mobile and landline numbers. When customers fill forms via various online or offline promotional campaigns, all they have to do is give a missed call to verify their number. This works especially well in rural areas where a lot of target customers are not comfortable with operating a mobile phone.
  • Missed call verification is passwordless authentication with extremely low operational costs.

Along with verification, missed call services can be used to capture leads, collecting feedback, track the status of the order, online voting campaigns.

With missed call services for Corefactors, you can a panel which shows detailed reports of callers data, with their phone numbers, time of call, region, etc.

By integrating this service with lead management system software features, you can capture quality leads and improve the productivity of your agents.