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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted 20 Aug, 2018 |

Which one is better, print photography or digital photography? Why?

Subhash patil

Photorgrapher | Posted 20 Jan, 2020

Digital Photography is an important one. I am a  Professional Photographer in Mumbai. One of the best family photographer, wedding photographer, newborn photographer and candid photographer in Mumbai. One of the best and experienced photographers in Mumbai.


@lets | |Updated 12 Aug, 2019

I always get my digital photos from holidays printed just because I like to hang them at the wall I always use canvas prints or acrylic prints 

mark algo

camera specialist | Posted 13 Jun, 2019

No doubt digital photography is the best.In digital photography the role of dslr cameras are very high.I have an authorised service center for canon brand we provide all the services related to canon products like canon camera repair,canon lens repair etc,so i answered digital photography is best.

lavish Sharma

Manager | |Updated 12 Jun, 2019

I think digital photography is the best.  They took the photography industry to a new level. 

mother mother

Student | Posted 03 May, 2019

Digital photography is better in the current situation because in digital form pixel sensor is updated one in current photography and micro dimming is possible for low light photography.For more reference we capture wedding photographers in chennai we take beautiful shots in digitak photography

Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted 28 Aug, 2018

Personally, I like digital photography more because of various reasons.

I terms of resolution, mega pixels, storage in SD cards and many other such technical things, digital photography seems the need of the day. Keeping the memories thing aside for a while (which can be created with digital photos too, we just need to move ahead with the times), digital photographs can be viewed instantly and are easier to share anywhere.

We are now able to share important documents and notes with others because of the digital photography only. Apart from this, the editing of images is easier in digital cameras. They have filters too. And if you are too attached to the print photographs, there is always the option of getting the digital photographs print and preserve them in an old-school album.

Raymond Schoor

@letsuser | Posted 20 Aug, 2018

There is a huge difference between the photography now, and the photography two decades ago. In those times, Print photography was the most popular, while today it’s digital photography which is making its mark everywhere. Human nature differs from one person to another, and so do the choices. While some people are still old school and like to capture their memories in print, to cherish them through hard copy albums; many have adapted themselves according to the trend and for them taking pictures mean publishing them on Instagram and Facebook to share with the whole world. So it’s a bit difficult to say which one is better over other.

Print Photography

Photographs before 1995, are the example of Print photography. At that time, people used to use film camera to take photographs. We all would the cherish the memories of how we used to wait for the photographs for weeks, and when they finally used to arrive, how much fun we had decorating our walls and albums with them. Those photographs still make me doubly nostalgic. Printed photographs were so popular that even poor used to collect money over months for getting themselves clicked. Bu the advent of newer technologies in photography changed the trend. The memory of our phones, laptops, and SD cards in increasing as rapidle as the thickness of our photograph albums is decreasing.

digital-and-print-photography-lets-diskuss (Courtesy: blog.dariaratliff.com)

Digital Photography 

Digital photography found its stage and the path to popularity due to social networking. Facebook and Instagram are appealing to us because of digital pictures they offer us. The fun of decorating walls with photographs is replaced by posting photos on our timeline, and the wait for the printed photographs has been converted into the wait for likes and comments on our posted photos. The more the likes, the more the happiness. Surely, digital photography has changed the very concepts that used to be associated to photography.  
It’s the advent of digital photography that has made photography a hobby of a lot of youths, and a career option worth looking up to.

(Courtesy: groupon.com)

Which one is better?

Both the type of photographies, according to me, have their own importance. Although there’s not denying that we can’t associate as much memories with digital photographs as we can with the printed ones, digital photography has taken the photography industry to a new level.
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(Translated from Hindi by Team Lets Diskuss)