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Vikas joshi

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Who has more significance in India, Ranbir Kapoor or Bhagat Singh?


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I know from where this question originated. Yesterday, both these famous personalities had their birthdays, but unfortunately, the amount of love, celebration, and wishes both of them got had a huge difference in numbers.

If you think that dead are remembered more than those who are living, then you might want to update yourself. This old saying does not seem much truthful when it comes to larger than life. Bollywood celebrities. And it was displayed yesterday, the amount of importance and significance an actor has in the eyes of public.


All the twitteratis and other Social Media users wished Ranbir Kapoor, commemorated him with his movie dialogues, quotes, and whatnot! While most of them didn’t even know that it was also the birthday of the great revolutionary Bhagat Singh, who has been an inspiration for Indian youth since his lifetime. I don’t know how much Ranbir Kapoor has inspired our youth, but certainly no one can be as inspirational as Bhagat Singh.

If you ask me, Bhagat Singh’s importance in India is unmatchable (no matter we don’t have his birthday as a national holiday like Gandhi Jayanti). It’s just the “cool” tag and the tag of being updated with all the latest buzz that makes the general public (especially on Social Media), celebrate the birthdays of celebrities with more vigor and enthusiasm, than that of our freedom fighters or other inspirational figures.


Wishing Ranbir Kapoor I fine. After all, why not should one wish his/her favorite actor when they can? But remembrance was deserved by Bhagat Singh. He was the one who needed to be commemorated with his quotes and achievements, not Ranbir Kapoor.

Anyway, we know general public is crazy after Bollywood celebs, and we just can’t stop it. While Ranbir Kapoor’s birthday celebration was covered by all big media houses and newspapers, only few were there to report us of the birthday of Bhagat Singh. Obviously, one will create what can be sold, and those who have passed away just can’t get you popularity and money. So yes, it’s just the keeping up with the times ad trends that has left our past “real” heroes overshadowed by the “reel” heroes.

Ending this sermon, what I feel is that we celebrate the real heroes only when they are asked to celebrate “politically”. So we always have to wait for 2nd October and 14th November to do so.


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