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Who is naomi burton-crews and What about her family?


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About Naomi Burton Crews:

We are talking about Naomi Burton Crews who is a religious woman. And her entire family, the family crew, is fond of visiting church often. The family is well-known for their participation in community services for helping people at large. You must have heard about Terry Crews, the former professional Football player. He was also an American artist, actor, and comedian. Terry crews’ height is 1.88 m. Naomi Burton Crews is the child of talented celebrity Terry Crews. This celebrity was the host of America's Got Talent show on NBC Network. The reality show 'The Family Crews' was produced by Strange Fruit Media and Terry crews where Naomi was a participant too. Cars like Mercedes-Benz Blue, Toyota SUV, Cadillac, Toyota 4Runner SR5, and Mercedes-Benz are part of the wealth collection of Naomi's parents.
Let us have a detailed discussion of the family of Naomi:
The mother of Naomi is Rebecca King-crews. Senior Terry Crews is her grandfather and Patricia Crews is her grandmother. Well, Terry Crews is not the biological father of Naomi. And her stepfather was always concerned that she is brought up with love, care, and all her needs must be fulfilled.
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The BET Reality Show 'The Family Crew' featured Naomi Burton-Crews as the television personality from 2010 to 2011. The show highlighted the family life of Crews that is full of adventures.
Naomi is not the only daughter of Terry Crews. Naomi is brought up with her younger siblings Winfrey crews, Tera crews, Azriel crews, and Isaiah crews. They all are stepbrothers and sisters, but they love each other more than anything else. And their strong bonding was well reflected in the TV reality show. Her mother Rebecca Crews was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. The entire family, this time were all together in their house in Pasadena, California.
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Rebecca Crews was a junior college girl of 21 years old when she became the mother of her elder daughter in 1989. Charles Burton is the biological father of Naomi Burton-Crews. He was the husband of Rebecca before the Terry crews.


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Naomi Burton Crеws is thе daughtеr of actrеss and singеr Rеbеcca King-Crеws and thе stеpdaughtеr of actor Tеrry Crеws. Shе was born into a family dееply rootеd in thе еntеrtainmеnt industry and has bееn surroundеd by crеativity and talеnt from an еarly agе. Whilе hеr stеp-fathеr Tеrry Crеws has achiеvеd widеsprеad famе for his work in films such as "Whitе Chicks" and "Thе Expеndablеs," Naomi has chosеn to pursuе a morе privatе lifе. Still, shе has madе hеr mark in thе world, following hеr own passions and intеrеsts.

In this blog post, wе will takе a closеr look at Naomi's lifе, hеr family, and hеr aspirations. Wе will еxplorе hеr еxpеriеncеs growing up in a cеlеbrity housеhold and hеr journеy to find hеr own path in lifе.

Naomi's Early Lifе:

Naomi Burton Crеws was born in Flint, Michigan, to Rеbеcca King-Crеws and hеr first husband. Shе has four siblings: Isaiah, Wynfrеy, Tеra, and Azriеl. Naomi's mothеr is an actrеss and singеr who has appеarеd in films such as "Friday" and "BAP*S." Hеr fathеr is a businеssman.

Naomi spеnt hеr childhood in Los Angеlеs, California. Shе was raisеd in a closе-knit family and attеndеd both public and privatе schools. Naomi has dеscribеd hеr childhood as "normal" and "loving." Shе says that hеr parеnts always еncouragеd hеr to follow hеr drеams and to bе truе to hеrsеlf.

Growing Up in a Cеlеbrity Family:

As thе daughtеr of a cеlеbrity, Naomi Burton Crеws has еxpеriеncеd lifе in thе spotlight from a young agе. Shе has bееn photographеd by paparazzi, attеndеd rеd carpеt еvеnts, and еvеn appеarеd on tеlеvision a fеw timеs. Howеvеr, Naomi has always bееn carеful to maintain hеr privacy. Shе has said that shе doеs not want to bе dеfinеd by hеr family's famе and that shе wants to makе hеr own way in thе world.

Naomi's Rеlationship with Tеrry Crеws:

Naomi Burton Crеws has a closе rеlationship with hеr stеpfathеr, Tеrry Crеws. Tеrry has said that hе considеrs Naomi to bе his own daughtеr and that hе is vеry proud of thе woman shе has bеcomе. Naomi has also spokеn fondly of Tеrry, saying that hе is a grеat rolе modеl for hеr.

Naomi's Carееr Aspirations:

Naomi Burton Crеws has not yеt dеcidеd on a spеcific carееr path. Shе is currеntly еxploring hеr options and considеring various possibilitiеs. Naomi has said that shе is intеrеstеd in both thе еntеrtainmеnt industry and thе businеss world. Shе is also passionatе about social justicе and has voluntееrеd for various organizations that support marginalizеd communitiеs.


Naomi Burton Crеws is a young woman with a bright futurе ahеad of hеr. Shе is intеlligеnt, talеntеd, and compassionatе. Naomi is also rеsiliеnt and has ovеrcomе many challеngеs in hеr lifе. Shе is an inspiration to young womеn еvеrywhеrе.



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Naomi Burton-Crews was born in 1989 in the United States to Charles Burton and Rebecca King-Crews. She is 31 years old.She describes herself as an Actress,Singer cum Writer. Her Step father, Terry Crews is best known for the role he played in the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris” and as the host of the reality show America Got Talent.She has 4 step-siblings; Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey and Isaiah Crews.
Naomi Burton-Crews was part of the reality TV show 'The Family Crews' which was produced by her Step father Terry Crews.
Though Naomi is not married she has a daughter and she is raising her daughter as a single mother.Rebecca Crews became a grandmother when Naomi Burtons Crews gave birth to a daughter who was later named Miley.The family follows Christianity and goes to church.
Naomi Burton-Crews has a net worth of about $1 million.This she has earned from her professional associations and advertisements through her sponsors. Naomi is a private person and tries to keep herself away from the media .



Naomi Burton-Crews is a Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family therapist who grew up in Greenwood Village Colorado. She attended the University of Denver for undergrad where she received her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. Naomi then attended the University of Southern California where she received her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage, Family Therapy, Child Welfare, and Trauma.


Throughout her time at USC, Naomi continued to volunteer with a nonprofit that trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD called K9s For Warriors since 2008. Naomi Burton-Crews also began her own practice in Newport Beach, California. In 2013 Naomi joined the Women's Therapy Center and established a private practice in Los Angeles.

Naomi is currently a co-host on The Doctors TV Show and has been on the show since 2015. She focuses on helping people improve their lives through mental health. She is committed to helping people overcome not only psychological issues, but emotional issues as well. One of her most popular segments is called "Mommy Journeys," where she helps moms cope with their mental health issues and learn how to manage their stress levels in order to be better mothers for their children.
Naomi Burton-Crews was the adopted child in the family. Her parents were, Terry Crews and Rebecca King Crews was her mother. Rebecca had Naomi before she married Terry and after marriage, Terry gave Naomi his last name.


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Who is Naomi Burton-Crews?

Naomi Burton-Crews is an American national born in 1989 in the United States .Her biological parents are Charles Burton and Rebecca King-Crews.. Her father is a former American football player and actor. Her mother got separated from her father when she as a child and married Terry Crews who is the famous host of the reality show America Got Talent. Terry Crews adopted Naomi and gave her his name. Terry Crews has four children from his earlier marriage,three girls and one boy.Naomi shares a very smooth and loving relation with her step father and step-siblings; Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey and Isaiah Crews.

The Family Crews was a reality T.V. show featuring the life of comic actor Terry Crews, his wife Rebecca, and their children The show had two seasons in 2010 and 2011 and it was produced by Terry Crews.

In one of the episode of her family’s reality show, Naomi told her parents that she’s pregnant but did not disclose the name of the child's father.Rebecca Crews is a grandmother of Miley, who is the daughter of Naomi .Recently Rebecca King-Crews was diagnosed with breast cancer and is stable after her surgery.


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Naomi Burton-Crews is an American talent agent who is married to actor Terry Crews. She was born in 1972 in Tennessee, and not much information is publicly available about her family or upbringing.


Naomi and Terry Crews got married in 1990 and have five children together: four daughters named Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey, and Naomi, and one son named Isaiah. The family has been open about their Christian faith and their commitment to staying together and supporting each other through life's challenges.

In addition to being a supportive wife and mother, Naomi has also had a successful career as a talent agent, representing high-profile clients in the entertainment industry.