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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | Health-beauty

Who is responsible for unwanted pregnancies?


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During sex, people are often confused as to who was responsible for the unwanted result of the act. And who’s going to take responsibility after a woman gets pregnant is another question that needs to be answered. The question of the responsibility of unwanted pregnancies is directly related to the control of and conceptions about a woman’s body and its domination. 

Let’s start with the options that men and women have when it comes to controlling pregnancy. 

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Since unwanted pregnancies directly affect women, they are more worried (even paranoid in some cases) about getting pregnant. And the birth-controlling options for women, like contraceptive pills, have really serious side effects like migraines, mood swings, decreased libido, depression, severe cramps, heavy bleeding, aneurysm, etc.  

Talking of the male contraceptives, they are easier to access and much less expensive than female contraceptives. Not just that, these birth control methods have no or very less side effects. 

In addition, unlike women, who have just two options for birth control –contraceptive pills or abortion, men can also opt for pull out before the ***** or even Vasectomy when they are sexually active but the couple doesn’t want a baby.

Despite all this, trends tell us that almost all unwanted pregnancies are the cause of irresponsible ejaculations of men. Just to get a little more pleasure in the act of having sex, men prefer doing it without a ***** without even informing their partner about it. And if the act results in an unwanted pregnancy, they have the most classic excuse –the ***** broke. The breakage of ***** happens in the rarest of the rare incidents. They are feared just because the lies men tell.

What is it if not one of the many examples of an irresponsible ejaculation?

Men make their pleasure, ease, and comfort a priority over a woman’s physical and mental suffering most of the times they have sex and that is the foremost region of the unwanted pregnancies all over.

One more, indirect reason of unwanted pregnancies is the taboo created around the sexual intercourse between two persons. The general mindset wants to accept the sexual intercourse only when it is for bearing children. There is no place of pleasure in the whole dialogue, and of there is, it is only about the pleasure of men.

In case you don’t know, pregnancies happen when men have an ***** not women. And unwanted pregnancies happen when men decide to have an ***** irresponsibly. Supplementing this is the training that we have given to our men to think that sex and pregnancy are two dissociated concepts. They have been taught to think that they have nothing to do with pregnancies and that their pleasure is of utmost importance.

To conclude, we would just like to emphasize on the fact that these irresponsible men are involved in the law making regarding abortions which pose another challenge for women who want to enjoy the pleasure of the sexual intercourse half as freely as men do. Such laws won’t curb the unwanted pregnancies but making men responsible for their actions will.

We don’t need to police and make laws on women’s body, we need men to practice proper prevention steps for their partners and not to think of abortions as a cure. We need to free women’s body from men’s control physically as well as legally.     


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Unprotected intercourse &  irresponsible ejaculations are the main reason behind unwanted pregnancies.


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