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@letsuser | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

why cnn news are fake??


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Perhaps because CNN doesn’t fall to the muscle (and money) power of the current government in the USA?

What NDTV is to India, CNN is to the USA—when the fourth pillar of the democracy has been contracted to sell-out media houses, there are few organizations who are still battling for the core principles of journalism. 

(Courtesy: SFGate)

CNN points out the lies of Trump. It questions the policies of his administration. It dares to speak against when the government is wrong. It speaks against the government propagandas. And in return what does CNN gets? A smear campaigns from the President of the country himself. 

Doesn’t that sound a bit absurd?!! The most powerful individual in the world goes to verbally attack a media house. 

(Courtesy: Salem State News)

At the same time, it also mirrors the crucial role the right journalism can play in shaping the society and world at large. 

This is what the likes of NDTV and The Wire get in our country. Thank goodness, our Prime Minister doesn’t openly bash the media houses—but then he doesn’t need to. He has deployed his stooges to do the task. 

CNN isn’t fake. It’s like calling Fox News liberals. 

Here’s the latest barring session between Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta:


Student | Posted on

No i don't think so it is a fake news channel 


@letsuser | Posted on

Try not to take anybody's assertion for phony news. Not mine. Not Quorans. Not the presidents. Here are some ways YOU can decide for yourself:

1. When you see whatever appears "pipe dream," be suspicious. By "too great," I mean its view is high contrast — all great on one side or one gathering, all awful on the other. Life is once in a while like that.

2. Ask yourself "What gathering or gathering stands to pick up from this news?" And in the event that it is a gathering or gathering that is over and again supported on the system you're viewing, be suspicious.

3. Try not to trust — confirm. Anything you see on the news is presently looked at by different sources. Politico. Reality Check. Snopes.com. Here's a rundown: Evaluating Sources in a 'Post-Truth' World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake News (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/...)


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