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Why do we celebrate Rose Day, and what do Roses of different colors signify?


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We all celebrate Valentine’s Week, starting from Rose Day with great vigour and enthusiasm. No matter we know the significance of these days or not, we all think of giving love a try. Presenting our crush with flowers, chocolates, teddy bear, and whatever the love week demands, we enjoy the feeling like we enjoy no other festival.

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So knowing more about these days may help us appreciate Valentine’s week and its spirit more.
Addressing your question, there are many legends behind the celebration of Rose Day. Going back into the myth, literature, and culture, it is something that Indians have borrowed from the West.

Shakespeare is perhaps one of the most-quoted writers when it comes to proving the significance of a rose flower. He writes in Romeo and Juliet, “ What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

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Yes, no matter what we call it, the rose will never cease to be the expression of a lover’s feeling, be it in fiction or real life.

In Victorian England as well, when expressing one’s desires was considered a taboo, lovers used to use rose as the symbol of their feelings. Since then, the rose has gained immense popularity and importance as the lovers’ flower.

The association of rose with love, however, is older than the Victorian era or even Renaissance. The significance of rose traces back to Roman and Greek myths.

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The words of ROSE, when rearranged, form the name EROS, who is the god of love in Roman and Greek legends and is popularly known as Cupid. Also, the rose was the favourite flower of the goddess of love, Aphrodite or Venus.

As for the representation of the rose of different colours, check the following list:

Lavender Rose: Very rare to find, this roses imply love at first sight.

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White Rose: You may have noticed the use of these roses in weddings. They represent innocence, chastity, purity, and new beginnings.

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Red Rose: Enough has already been said about the red rose. It is a sign of true love.

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Yellow Rose: Yellow rose represents friendship.

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Orange Rose: Having the colour of fire, they represent passion and desire.

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Pink Rose: It symbolizes adoration and admiration, and also means appreciation.

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