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Posted 22 Oct, 2019 |

Why does an organisation need supply chain management consultants?

Aditya Sehgal

Blogger | Posted 22 Oct, 2019

The importance of supply chain consultants in a business can be discussed as follows -

  • Increases customer satisfaction – Hiring trained supply chain management consultants increases the quality of goods manufactured by the business, increasing its customer retention capacity. Such management techniques also comprise of several after-sale follow up services, increasing customer satisfaction even further. 

  • Reduces the total cost of production – Supply chain consultants are responsible for analysing market conditions, allowing the business to predict aggregate demand subsequently. This helps a company to reduce its production and inventory costs, thus, increasing the total profits of entrepreneurs. Proper maintenance and storage of inventory reduces both procurement and transportation cost incurred by a business as well. Proper supply side management helps a business become stable.

  • Increases average cash flow of a business – If proper supply chain management techniques are followed, optimal amount of inventory would be maintained by a business. This increases the cash flow of a company, as it is not stuck as an inventory product due to high turnover.
The above pointers encompass the basic importance of supply chain management every business owner should know. SCM consultants can provide the required guidance on how to improve supply chain management via strategic planning, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation, proper training, etc. Hiring such experts would help you expand your business and generate substantial revenue.