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Prashant Dubey

Mechanical engineer | Posted 15 Nov, 2018 |

Why is Blockchain so secure?

vianinja Official

SEO Manager | Posted 03 May, 2019

Basically yes. Bitcoin Blockchain contains a 256-bit version of the SHA-2 hash functionality used.

Complete only 2 ^ 61 trades, at an estimated cost of $ 2.77 million in 2010, publish the same PDF, two PDFs that Google broke for the first time, and 110 GPU years. .

For reference, Google charges $ 0.70 / hour for GPUs on its cloud platform and estimates the market value of the attack at $ 674,520. Bitcoin is currently 2,525 or 0.37% of the value, which is useful if possible. Outside of that ...

Etherium uses a custom SHA-3 variant called Ethash, which uses several seed sizes to produce a 1 GB block. SHA-3 is so slow to implement in software The main goal is to be able to generate a large hash to extend Keys to Work is introduced in 2015. Personally, I do not know that attacks have been reported because SHA-2 is extremely safe and probably safer for a long time.

They emit as a chain of points, which are programs that work on them. Of course, such processing should not be the most common software. Because of the Ethereum problem or more clear, the hacking of last year has become 50 millimeters, 32 mm investment, the president last week, just like ineffective software.


Have you ever heard that developers involve formal methods, high security, and competitive programming? As long as computers insist on the excellence of your pre-network techniques? This happens when people write software that can handle a large amount of money.

But when it comes to financing, the loss of the person is usually another benefit. I am not hackers. Many developers win the land and are protected by inefficiencies. In a bulk business, they arrive at the point of the business model.

anju Kumar

Blogger | Posted 27 Nov, 2018

Blockchain is an open distributed ledger that maintains a continuously increasing number of transactions and data records. In fact, it is a technology of decentralized data storage that provides a high-security level and enables data manipulation occurred within the certain rules.

This confidence is ensured by the fact that data array is stored at once for each Blockchain participant, meaning that it won’t be enough to simply replace the entire array in one place.

And each subsequent piece of data, a so-called block, contains a hash of the previous block, providing the following advantages:

It’s impossible to substitute an intermediate block in the finished chain;

A block can’t be changed without changing its hash, therefore it is impossible to make it without breaking the chain integrity.

Representing an immutable and inconvertible record, Blockchain ensures complete transaction security, also providing users with data access and enabling them to monitor transaction completion. A user can be sure that his or her private information won’t be stolen and all transactions will be effectively conducted.

The main Blockchain characteristic is that it’s based on cryptographic algorithms, making data forge impossible. What’s important, they are built for preventing technical information distortion, so they will continue to work even in case of some failures.

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted 16 Nov, 2018

Anything that’s transparent is more secure. Period.

Imagine a traditional ledger. When an entry is made there, you don’t know the nature of that entry. You don’t even know if an entry is made in the first place or not. The person responsible to do this job can easily manipulate the entry or play foul without getting caught by anyone. Because, in the lack of transparency about the ledger, no one knows what he is doing and what he isn’t.

Now imagine a new-age ledger that’s available online for anyone to see and analyze. With this, the person making the entry can easily be held responsible because what she/he is doing is very transparent and out there. Using the internet, anyone can access the ledger and see if the entry is made or not, at what time was it recorded and few other information.

Now doesn’t this new-age ledger look more secure and reliable?

This is how blockchain functions. It is transparent, which improves its security and reliability supremely.

Of course, the blockchain technology can be manipulated and data altered. But it’s very (very) difficult, which cannot be done by a single individual and require a mutual work of the community.

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Generally put, a blockchain is an ever-growing list of records. When an entry is made, it gets summarised in a block, which contains a hash (an algorithm). Every block contains the hash of the previous block. So, if you’re looking to change a record in a block, you will have to manipulate all the blocks that contain the original hash of the block that you’re looking to change.

It’s really very difficult—almost impossible!

This framework makes blockchain very safe, secure and reliable.

There are reasons, after all, why even the large corporations and companies are investing big in blockchain technology.