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Why is CBSE conducting re-exam of class 12 economics and class 10 maths paper when CBSE officials denied the exam leak report?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted

On March 26, rumors of Class XII Economics paper being leaked on social media hours before the examination came in the limelight. It is said that the question paper was leaked and circulated through social media and WhatsApp several hours before the time of the exam.

A similar incident occurred on the day before Class X Mathematics paper when CBSE Chairperson reportedly, received a leaked copy of the paper. According to sources, On March 24, CBSE academic unit received an unaddressed envelope containing four sheets of handwritten answer papers of economics paper held on that day.

Initially, CBSE officials were denying such reports and saying, there are rumors that may have started by some students to delay the exam. However, when the Delhi Police have begun an investigation into the alleged leak of Class 12 economics and Class 10 mathematics papers. They came to the conclusion the kingpin of the CBSE paper leak case belongs to Delhi's Mianwali area and a coaching institute owner responsible for this leak.

The CBSE officials said that security would tighten up and a new foolproof system would be in place from Monday for exams. The new examination dates will be put up on the CBSE website within a week. Around sixteen lakh students are expected to reappear for the class 10 exam and four lakh for the class 12 exam.



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