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saba awan

writer in new York today | Posted 16 Nov, 2018 |

Why Pakistan supports terrorist groups, and why the US finds it so hard to induce change?

Gaurav vashisht

Blogger | Posted 31 Dec, 2018

On the off chance that you watch the remainder of frontier history you will find that there was a buture named jinnah who needed india to be a vote based system headed by a muslim as indicated by him muslims were contractual workers send by god to run and instruct civilisation to hindus.

Since last 700 yrs previously britishers muslims buture pioneers were ruling(actually plundering) the nation, he felt that it was their entitlement to control india once more.

So when he found that he couldn't turn into the PM because of less help to him, he thought of making another nation in name of islam, with the goal that his new country could get most extreme help from Middle Eastern nations.

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | |Updated 21 Nov, 2018

Let’s get this fact clear: Pakistan doesn’t support terrorists. It’s a country of over 200 million people. When you generalize the narration (as our politicians do) and claim that “Pakistan” is supporting terrorists, it’s utterly wrong. These millions of people are exactly like us—they have a family, they want a better life, they have dreams, and they want a peaceful life. They don’t support terrorists.

(Courtesy: OpIndia.com)

It is the politicians and people in power, who have hidden agendas and who seek power, that support terrorists. 

Politicians support terrorists. Because these outfits bring them money on the table. 

In the garb of religion, the god-men and god-women support terrorists. Because why wouldn’t they when they are given money and safety assurance for that? 

A small group of people supports terrorists because they seek money, power. Because many of them are blinded by their faiths and beliefs.  

Millions of people in kids DO NOT support terrorists. Why would they support someone who has historically killed thousands of these commoners?!!!  

pakistan-and-terrorism-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: World Nomads)

Indeed, these people don’t raise their voice and speak—which is almost equivalent to supporting the bad guys really. But many of them are threatened for their safety, many of them are manipulated by religious men and women, and an awful lot of them chained by the political culture of the country that feeds their insecurity and treats them as a *****.  

Pakistan is a fragile democracy. The common people there don’t support terrorists. It is the handful of people that do that. Sure, it’s easy to generalize all in the same category. But then this is where living in an educated society comes to play in – this is where the need to so empathy.  

Terrorists, by definition, seek to spread terror and make people suffer. Let’s not play in their hands and help them make the life of their countrymen/women. Because they don’t care—BUT we should.  

Just like how India needs to separate fringe group who, today, hides under the shade of “Ram Mandir, Babri Masjid” topic, Pakistan needs the same thing. The people there needs and deserves a separation between those who want peace and those who want terrorism. You will see the crowd in the latter much much less than what the hate-media in our country preach.  

And as for why the US finds it hard to induce a change in Pakistan—it’s because Pakistan doesn’t have an oil well, so they don’t need a better democracy. If you know what I mean!