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Satindra Chauhan

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Why you should think with your environment, not just your mind

Annie Murphy Paul in one of his books gave an idea about the way of our thinking. We can think creatively when we use our cognitive resources but in a better way- our body as embodied cognition, our environment as situated cognition and human beings around us as distributed cognition. When we think only with the mind we don’t focus on innovative and real thinking. Paul in his book also describes how our physical environment affects our thinking ability. If we do not feel connected with our physical environment we can’t be innovative and can’t be able to bring out unique ideas from our minds. In many people’s opinion, it has been seen that we can think more clearly after spending a trip, hiking or whatever it may be rather than spending a whole day busy with work or meetings.








Our decisions and feelings also depend on the things we observe in our daily life, may it be busy streets, hawkers, buildings, people in markets and so on. Also, we should think with our environment to readily access those natural environments. Even a five-minute walk can make us think about a topic more deeply. It’s the power of our environment and nature that brings a positive impact on our lives and also helps us to prevent making wrong decisions in life. So, not only with mind but also we should think with our environment by observing things around us and think differently.


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