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Amayra Badoni

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Would the new ISBT at Dwarka Sector 22 cater to the passengers from all over like other ISBTs?


Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on

Well, that’s what was supposed to happen according to the plan of 2008, but now at the same plot is to be made a mini-ISBT, which will be primarily for the passengers visiting IGI Airport. It will be Delhi’s fourth ISBT, but will not be working on as large a scale as the other three.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: cpkukreja.com)

Following are some points about this new ISBT which should be noted:

• It will take another 6 months to build this ISBT.

• It is expected to have a daily footfall of 1.5 lakh and would be only for those who want to visit IGI visitors.

• To compensate its small size and footfall, the ISBT will be given a more modern infrastructure, as compared to the ISBTs in Sarai Kale Khan, Kashmiri Gate, and Anand Vihar.

• It will be convenient to commute to the airport for the passengers coming by Punjab, Agra, Jaipur, and Haryana.

• The ISBT is directly opposite to Dwarka Sector 21 metro station and has the shuttle service available. Commuting to the airport express line is also made easier from there.

• It will only cater to 100 buses per day, while other ISBTs accommodate more than 1000 buses.
• It is going to have a multilevel parking.

• It will have a passengers’ lounge just like the one at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

• “Passengers arriving by buses will have the option of seamlessly transiting to the Airport Express Line and reach IGI Airport’s Terminal 3 within minutes. There will also be the provision of shuttle taxis from the ISBT for those who don’t want to take the metro”, says a DTIDC official. (Source: The Times of India)

Here’s the original plan of this ISBT which was made in 2008:

ISBT-at-Dwarka-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Times of India) 


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