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Albert Jordan

Senior Software Engineer | Posted on | Science-Technology

3 Reasons Why 3D Visuals are in Vogue?


Law Student | Posted on

Here are some Reasons why 3D Visuals are in Vogue these days.

• Enables better understanding by eliminating ambiguity and miscommunication
Visual communication is the key to more effective ways of streamlining workflows, team interactions, and getting the job done easily and efficiently. Whether it is a simple factor a complicated strategy, 3D Visuals enable a better understanding of every minute aspect of the presentation by eliminating ambiguity and miscommunication. This is mainly because of the realistic output received in 3D visuals which allows even non-technical people to visualize and shape up their thoughts and ideas.

According to a fact, we gain 75 percent of what we know visually, 13 percent through hearing and 12 percent through smell, touch, and taste. Since we learn by seeing, the use of 3D visuals makes the ideas effective and minimizes the chances of any miscommunication.

• Helps you to catch and hold your audience's attention and inspire them to act
According to a fact, an average person has an attention span of 30 seconds. This time is equivalent to reading three lines or 50-100 words at best. So, can you express what all you want through your complicated designs in such a short span?

Well, you can but for that, you will need something that your clients can relate to and understand at the first glance. For instance, if you are an architect and you need to make your client understand the details, structure and the final output for their next bungalow, what would be the simplest step to take?
If I was you, I would simply show them my 3D Visuals and win them over. Easy, isn’t it?

• Breaks through the monotony and makes you stand out from the crowd
However interesting your work may be, everybody gets bored of their own job once in a while. Even Sunder Pichai does. So, what do you do to break the monotony?

I develop 3D visuals that aren’t even asked by my clients. This not only helps me to use my ‘monotonous’ time productively but also helps me create projects for the future which would stand out from the crowd. I say this confidently because even today at least 70% businesses and competitors come in the market with text loaded slides and heavy technical jargons. On the other hand, I simply show my clients what their project would exactly look like in the next few months.

What’s even better is that I can modify the same in real time while talking to my clients then and there. This not only makes the client satisfied but also makes my project look totally different and highly superior to the others.

I never thought that I could shape the future exactly as I wanted when I start working, but these 3D Visuals have led to a change in this belief. You can also shape your future with these amazing 3D Visuals and thank me later when you get time. (and success)