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Using a rooted Bluestacks, you can run many penetration testing software like wifi hackers and packet sniffers which are developed for Android. You can also edit app data and use cheats for mobile games on your computer. Although there are many risks in rooting an Android phone like losing data an ..Read More

By Kristen Baker (student)


How to Use BlueStacks ?

Petty Bliss | Posted 09 Nov, 2019

The bluestack is for realizing that if you don't use bluestacks, you will be forced to use the bluestack if you have to use it because if it doesn't change then you will have to worry about getting a change that makes it less useful. You really don't need to use a Bluester to change any of the code. ..Read More

By Cristina Nelson (student)

There are 3 methods on how to install APKs on bluestacks. Either of these methods will definitely allow you to install APK files in Bluestacks.                           ..Read More

By Kristen Baker (student)

I believe e-commerce solutions are the platforms that can be used to showcase and sell your products online. They can be anywhere like Amazon, Shopify, etc. We also use the same for our product but we have also a website -, in case you want to see what we're up to. We al ..Read More

By Dry Contact Relay (Engineer)