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What is Social bookmarking ?

Misha Sharma blogger | Posted 25 Sep, 2020

This is the process to backlink your websites, this is the method to increase public traffic on your websites. ..Read More

By saurabh jha ( Digital marketing traniee)


What is ERP?

Vineet Bansal CEO of eDominer Technologies Pvt Ltd. | Posted 03 Aug, 2020

It is an enterprise resource planning to manage day to day to day activity. ..Read More

By saurabh jha ( Digital marketing traniee)


What are the five elements of a perfect Bollywood movie?

Rohit Valiyan Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Updated 10 Aug, 2018

I am a Bollywood fan, I really love the masala, gossips, dances and songs that are in a perfect Bollywood movie. There is actually no match to the Bollywood movies with the other genre movies, that’s what makes it popular in the world. 5 elements that make a hindi movie are: (Image - thebetterindia)1. Love triangle: This is one of the common parts... Read More

By Anonymous

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ERP software is a centralized and integrated system that helps to manage your entire business with ease. It integrates sales commission, inventory, manufacturing, order management, marketing, accounting, customer relationship management, quotations, invoices, etc. BMSLink provides the best blinds E ..Read More

By james Link (@owner)