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Who is founder of google?

Sks Jain @ teacher student ptofessor | Posted 09 May, 2021

Google is a multinational company which deals with internet related services like advertising, cloud computer and search engine. This company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September, 1998. Google was incorporated in California. Google soon became the public comment by offering the IPO ..Read More

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By Vanisha Anand (Student)


Is yoga good for health?

bindu thekutte translator | Posted 20 Hours ago

Yes yoga is very good for health.  ..Read More

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By Sks Jain (@ teacher student ptofessor)


Who issues Mutual Funds?

Rick Jaiswal Student | Posted 14 Hours ago

An investment scheme which is handled professionally. It is a risk taking activity which includes money, stock and bonds of people. These are usually run by professional companies. As wgen the discussion comes to mutual funds, all the rules and regulations are handled by SEBI, SEBI has the whole aut ..Read More

Latest Answer: 3 Minutes ago

By Vanisha Anand (Student)

Innate immunity is something you are gifted with when you are born. However, you can put effort for building your immunity. Turmeric is well known in Indian traditional medicine to boost body's immunity. Giloy is another herb whose bark concentrate can improve immunity. Pepper and tomatoes are rich ..Read More

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By Aarti Gumber (Blogger)