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What do you mean by filing returns of GST?

Anonymous | Posted 20 Minutes ago

GST return is a document containing the details of sales, purchase, tax collected on sales and the tax paid on the purchase. It is a tax return form which is filed with the tax authorities. ..Read More

By Aditya Sehgal (Blogger)


Why is the Salesforce process builder needed?

Anonymous | Posted 34 Minutes ago

The flexibility of Process builder is more in comparison to the workflow. In workflow rule you can’t update child record, Post to Chatter, auto submits record in the Approval process, invoke an apex or call flows. Process Builder is the future because Salesforce is no longer enhancing any furth ..Read More

By John Leo (Salesforce Developer)

The best way to apply for a business loan in Delhi NCR is online. As almost all leading banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have their own full-fledged websites, one can easily browse through the business loan schemes, the lending terms, eligibility criteria as well as the interest rates from the portal. One can also visit any aggregator site... Read More

By Anuj Pandey (@letsuser/financialadvisor)

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What is Home Automation System?

Anonymous | Posted 57 Minutes ago

EC Switch offers the best quality and wide ranges of modular touch switches in attractive prices to make your homes smart in the most affordable way. EC Switch deliver best home automation with their smart switches. EC Switch also offers a... Read More

By Anonymous

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