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Why do we need AWS?

saran gowsi | Posted 9 Minutes ago

AWS also provides VPC, which can be used to host our services on a private network which is not accessible from the internet, but can communicate with the resources in the same network. This restricts the access to the resources such that any ill intentioned user from the internet. ..Read More

By saran gowsi ()

Let me start from what should be the motto of almost all businesspersons and entrepreneurs –all it needs to start a business is not time, money or any particular skill set, but a great will.  (Courtesy: Tinobusiness)Will to get succeed, a will to get through the hard times, a will to stake whatever you have for... Read More

By Brijesh Mishra (Businessman)

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What is Maven and how it works?

Anonymous | Posted 2 Hours ago

Maven is a popular open source build tool for enterprise Java projects, designed to take much of the hard work out of the build process. Maven uses a declarative approach, where the project structure and contents are described, rather then the task-based approach used in Ant or in traditional make f ..Read More

By saran gowsi ()


what is the best way to do perfect seo

Anonymous | Posted 04 Oct, 2018

Want to succeed at SEO? Good practices start with avoiding bad habits of the past. Eliminate ineffective practices and replace them with strategic, content-focused tactics. Here are seven great ways to do that: ..Read More

By Harshal Shah (seo manager )