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I chose Sri Lanka holiday packages for my last year holiday. Srilanka is a suitable place for the holidays. Be it the Shri Maha Bodhi, the oldest living tree or the Ram Setu bridge, every intrigue traveler wants to explore Sri Lanka. Another thing that attracts foreign tourists more to Sri Lanka, wh ..Read More

By Bryan Vernon (vernonbryanth)


what is data science?

lets user | Posted 14 Feb, 2020

Data science is a inter-disciplinary field that utilizes logical techniques, methods, processes and algorithms to remove information and bits of knowledge from numerous auxiliary and unstructured data. ..Read More

By Yuga P (Digital Marketer)


How to deal with stress in your life?

Avinash Kumar Engineer | Posted 06 Jun, 2018

Stress is something which is affecting huge volume of people on daily basis. Generally stress is understood  to be related to work but recent studies has shown stress can be caused from any event or distortion happening in our life. It is crucial to understand how one needs t ..Read More

By siddharth sundriyal (Journalist ( News Analyst and Web Writer ))


Can you suggest anything for my baby's dry skin?

Anonymous | Posted 19 Feb, 2020

Yes, there is one baby soap, it is basically a baby fairness soap - Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Pain Soap and this is very helpful if your baby has dry skin. This helps in gentle deep cleaning - that is it goes deep into the pores of your skin and gently takes out all the impurities so that your ..Read More

By Kavita Khanna (Media Analyst )