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Do I need to wash hair with shampoo before applying henna?

Vijay Singh Health and Fitness Adviser | Posted 13 Jun, 2019

henna buildup just by shampooing your hair. Henna glue is made out of henna powder, and if any of it is left in your hair for long, it will dry to the point that when you brush your hair, it will put on a show of being powder and spread all over your garments. Plus, henna glue truly sticks to the ha ..Read More

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What are the benefits of applying curd and gram flour in hair?

Amayra Badoni Student (Delhi University) | Posted 01 Sep, 2018

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Following are various ways to avoid common mistakes with Content Localization:1. Avoid Literal Translations 2. Understand the Target Region’s Culture 3. Study Language and Dialect Differences4. Understand the Meaning Behind Symbols and Colors 5. Know When You Need Transcreation 6. Preparing fo ..Read More

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how can we keep our self healthy ?

Rabia siraj student | Posted 13 Jul, 2020

If you want a healthy body here are some tips:Eat healthilyGet regular exerciseLose weight if you’re overweightProtect your skinDon’t smoke or use tobacco. ..Read More

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