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which equipment are commonly used in the laboratory?

Anonymous | Posted 30 Minutes ago

There are lots of equipment used in science laboratory. Below I have mentioned some commonly used laboratory equipment.Conical flask:It is also known as Erlenmeyer flask.It is used ..Read More

By Lucas Turner (blogger)


what is google trends?

Chhavi Tyagi digital marketer | Posted 27 Sep, 2019

Anything which is revolving over the internet and on google is known as google trends ..Read More

By Ashish sharma (@digitalmarketer.blogger.contentwriter)

Also in a tweet in Hindi, Rahul Gandhi said that his "beloved grandmother" was blessed with a strong, capable leadership and amazing management ability.He said she was an "iron woman who played a key role in establishing India as a strong country".The Congress party also paid tributes to its late le ..Read More

By bharat defence ()

 Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home Paint littler rooms in milder, lighter hues to help make the room feel bigger. Utilize beautiful mirrors to add mome ..Read More

By Ashar Siddiqui (@letsuser)