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Prince Sen

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5 Things Successful People Never Say


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The thinking approach, words and behaviors have crucial impact on the success of people. It's thinking and imagination that enrich people with enthusiasm or disappointment. Some of the words and behaviors are discussed as follows.

1. I can't do this


A successful person hates this sentence. He does not keep these words in his dictionary. Because he will lose his confidence on all his capabilities. Then it would become impossible for him to achieve the goals and success. He always believes in competing with every challenge. He uses all his strength and skills to cope with the circumstances. He makes success possible at every cost.

2. I got disappointed

"Alas! I got disappointed or it's pessimistic situation", such kind of sentences are great hurdle in the way of success. When anyone initiates steps towards its goals and aims. Then, definitely there are problems, competitors and challenges. sometimes, the situations become more complex. Then a determined and self-motivated person does not get disappointed. He supports himself by giving courage and spirit. It leads him towards success.

3. I am Fail

In some cases, success becomes long term process for any person. It's the time when that person needs to keep positive approach towards situation. He never says, "I am Fail". He will keep patience with consistency in hard work. He will be able to be succeeded in his life after long time efforts.

4. Avoid to make comments on others

The successful person always think then speak. They respect of other's emotions. They do not discourage and disappoint others. They want to be the role models in the society. Therefore, they avoid to comment others.

5. I am everything

The successful person should have proud on his success. But he never thinks that he is everything in this world. Nobody else be successful like him. A person never becomes perfect. Therefore, successful person is humble before ALLAH ALMIGHTY and people. He never thinks himself superior over others. He helps others.