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Satindra Chauhan

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5 weekend habits that will help you achieve your goals?


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It is very important to set goals in our life. We all want success, right? It means we have some goals or targets that we want to achieve in our life. Well, the path to reach or hit that goal may not be smooth. Failures may come, mistakes may happen. But you may be surprised to know that few habits can drive you towards success. Yes, we are talking about 5-weekend habits that will help you achieve your goals. Try to incorporate these 5 habits in you so that you can find it easier to get closer to your goals or targets in life.

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What are the 5 good weekend habits while chasing your dreams?

1.Make proper planning
Make a list of whatever you want to achieve in your life. Think about which one you want to achieve first, then second, and so on.

So get ready on the weekend to make proper planning of your goals.

2.Remember your goals by revisiting them

Many of us forget to revisit our goals on the weekend. But to keep yourself boosted, you need to channelize yourself correctly by revisiting your goals every weekend.

3.Share with others

Do you want to achieve your goals? Then it calls for perseverance and time. Try to share your targets in life with others every weekend, so that you can stay committed to achieving those goals in life.

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4.Think about the future

We all get time on our weekends. Right! Then try to utilize that time in imagining where you can stand in the future. This thinking process helps to keep you encouraged about achieving your future goals.

5.Thinks about ways to improve

Yes, hurdles may come between you and your goals. So spend time on the weekends thinking about the ways you can correct your mistakes, and improve yourself to achieve the targets or goals of your life.

So try to practice these 5 enjoyable weekend habits that set you up for success.


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When you wake up on a Saturday morning, do you feel like you've got all the time in the world to get started on that big project? Or maybe it's more normal to spend your Saturdays binge-watching Netflix and eating ice cream. But no matter what your weekend habits look like, there are plenty of ways to make meaningful progress towards completing something or reaching a goal.

  • Switch from tasks to habits. 
  • Creating an innovative plan. 
  • Thinking ahead of things which you normally think of. 
  • Improvement in your work is a must. 
  • Should stay accountable to what you are planning on. 


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