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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Astrology

Why is Modi so popular??


Entrepreneur | Posted on

When a government is spending Rs 4,343 crore in publicity, don’t you think its product will be popular among masses?!


 (Courtesy: Patrika)

For the first time in independent India, the elections have been done away from issues and have been made all about marketing campaigns. The better agency a politician hires, higher his/her chances of getting elected.  

Answer yourself: before, did we ever care about who’s whose political advisor? Today, new channels are running hour-longshows on the likes of Prashant Kishore, a political strategist credited for Modi’s win in 2014. 

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Did we ever have a guy before whose sole credential is that “I help my party win elections”? Now, we have Amit Shah, so serious about his designation, asks his followers to trend topics on social media even if they are fake!! 

BJP and its proxies have spent billions in money and years in time to create a brand of Modi. This is the simple reason why Modi is popular.  

They have managed to create a narration when there’s less talk about issues and more talk about one individual.  

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There’s unemployment— “why is Modi not doing anything to fix this?” 

A BJP lawmaker gives hate speech (nothing new)— “Will Modi sack him?” 

An opposition leader gives a controversial remark— “Will Modi say anything?” 


Modi is BJP and BJP is Modi. India is Modi and Modi is Modi.  

This is the magic of spending billions on marketing. When you repeat the same name and narration for enough time, everyone will participate in the campaign unconsciously.  

And even the non-sell-out media fell to such tactics and campaigns of BJP and its marketing team. Majority of them, even when caring about core issues, eventually stopped midway to cling to Modi—what he’s doing and what will he do.  

Also, we cannot let go without blaming people like us who, too, fell into this trap.  

Modi is now a brand larger than life. Everything begins with him and ends with him.  

In the past 4-5 years, Modi has virtually outdone every individual, event, and topic in the mainstream.  

When was the last time you had a normal day that didn’t have one mention of Modi? 

This is why Modi is popular. The investments that have been put into marketing his brand, which cascaded to trigger WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) even among those who dislike him, is the true genius of marketing agencies working behind the doors. And these are definitely something that marketing students and professionals can do research on and learn a lot from. 


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