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According to you what is friendship?


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The word "friend" is derived from the Germanic "freund," meaning a person who is kind and supportive. The Latin word for friend, "amicus," has a similar meaning, but also connotes someone who is not one's enemy.

A good way to understand the significance of friendship is to look at how it was designed in antiquity and compare it with today's society. Friendship in ancient Greece was considered an essential component of living well; Socrates repeatedly asserted that without friends, one cannot be happy or live a good life. And Aristotle taught that friends were the single most important element in happiness. He defined friendship as a relationship "based on the complete and virtuous character of the man himself, and not merely on his usefulness or pleasantness to another". The meaning of friendship is very similar in ancient Greece and today because friends are still considered a vital part of one's well-being.

The most important benefits are from the companionship you have with your friends. It improves your mood, your health and even makes you more productive. Strong relationships provide us with social support especially when we are distressed. And it helps us cope with stress and make decisions during crisis situations. And if you have a happy life, it will lead to longevity and even decrease your chances of getting diseases.

But those are the bonuses. The real importance of friendship goes beyond those benefits. It's also a key ingredient in achieving success in many aspects of life, from business to personal growth to relationships. In other words, Aristotle was right: friends are "the single most important element" not only in happiness but also in living a good life. That's because having true friends in your life can help you achieve more than you ever thought was possible.

And that's a good lesson that you learn from your friends: you can imitate their success. And conversely, they will imitate your success. So let's talk about how good friends will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

First, having someone who believes in your success helps to keep it real. This can be especially important if you are driven by self-criticism and worry about failing or not succeeding as much as others do.


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