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After Military Aide Tests Positive, Trump Says -Will Be Tested For Coronavirus Daily -


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After his military helper tried positive for coronavirus, US President Donald Trump on Thursday said he would experience the Covid-19 test each day.

A military assistant of Trump, whom authorities portrayed as an individual valet, tried positive for coronavirus. The president said he had next to no contact with him.
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I hāvē hād almost no contact, individual contact, with this man of his word. I know what his identity is. Great individual. Be that as it may, I have had almost no contact. (VP) Mike (Pence) has had almost no contact with him. However, Mike was tried and I was tried. We were both tried," Trump told columnists in the Oval Office of the White House.

Reacting to questions, Trump said he, the VP and other staff of the White House would be tried for coronavirus consistently.

"I simply had a test. Indeed, I had one yesterday and one today, and it is negative. Mike simply had a test and it is negative," he said.

Bēthātāsît may, they do the tests and it just gives you that the deception - it is the thing that I have been stating - testing is anything but an ideal craftsmanship. Regardless of what you do, testing is definitely not an ideal craftsmanship. So we test once every week. Presently we will go testing once every day. Yet, in any event, when you test once every day, someone could - something happens where they discover something," the president said.