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Medha Kapoor

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Among big 4 companies, who is better and why?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

I think such comparisons and rankings are difficult. Because Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG—they all are great in their own aspects; plus, on many fronts, they are all similar. Besides, the word “better” is rather subjective. In what parameters are we to compare them, and in what parameters are you looking your answer in? I mean, do you want to know which one is better to get a job? Which is right for auditing?

In any case, whatever you’re looking for, all of these Big 4 accounting firms promises you high satisfaction and unmatched experience. But anyway, if you’re looking for more concrete answers, here we go…

If you’re looking to get a job, Deloitte pays the highest salary to employees. It also provides more employment opportunities comparatively. So you’re more likely to get a job here than others. Deloitte's focus is on consulting.

In terms of working flexibility, perks and overall experience, reviews suggest that KPMG is a great choice on many fronts.

If you’re looking for auditing, PwC takes the cake. It has a great track record in this department with exceptional team of professionals and experts who are simply the best in this industry. Its focus is on audit.

And now coming to the prestige – the prestige of working with/in a top company – Ernst & Young offers high value. The company is a class in itself, exceptional in every department. Whether you’re working there or are their clients, you will love them.

PwC tops the global revenue