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Komal Verma

Media specialist | Posted on | Health-beauty

Are Bananas good for your skin?


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

We know Banana as the most nutritious fruit. But it is useful for us in many other ways, especially for your skin. Bananas can help you in get rid of many skin related diseases. It is very useful in removing pimples and scars on the skin. Today, I am going to tell you different ways of using a banana which will help you in get flawless skin.
1. If your skin is dry and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, then this tip will be very helpful for you. Get a ripe banana, remove its peel and mix it well in a bowl with two spoonful of honey into it. After mixing it for about two or three minutes, leave it for 20 minutes. After this, use the paste on the part of skin where you feel it is more dry. After 15 minutes of applying the paste, rinse it with warm water.
2. Bananas are also useful to get rid of pimples and scars. You can get rid of pimples by using a banana peel for a few minutes. All you need a fresh banana peel and put it on skin where you have scars and pimples. Follow this tip for some days that will remove scars from skin.
3. If you have not been able to get rid of swelling under the eyes and dark circles around them then bananas can do wonder for you. Take a banana peel and aloe vera and make a paste of both of them and apply it under the eyes where there is swelling and wash after 20 minutes. Do this everyday you will see good results.


blogger | Posted on

Improve Brain Health

Bananas are additionally wealthy in nutrient B6, which enhances psychological capacity. In one investigation by Tuft's University, men with higher convergences of nutrient B6 performed better in memory tests. Furthermore, the magnesium in bananas encourages the electrical movement between the nerve cells in your mind.

All the more critically, the phones in your cerebrum use glucose as fuel. Since our cerebrum can't store glucose, we should routinely supply it. Bananas (as they contain fiber) discharge their sugars gradually into the circulatory system, and your body utilizes this sugar more bit by bit than refined sugar (cakes and confections, and so on.) – this gives an enduring supply of glucose to your cerebrum.

The potassium in bananas likewise keeps the oxygen levels in the mind cells standardized. The natural product is additionally wealthy in manganese that is known to avoid mind conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson's sickness (13), (14). The serotonin and melatonin in bananas advance pressure help.


merchant navy | Posted on

Bananas contain great measures of nutrient C that helps in keeping up the common and energetic gleam of the skin. ... This veil is brimming with nutrient C, which disposes of bluntness and decreases spots and flaws. You can likewise utilize banana drain for the face. Essentially crush a ready banana until the point that you get a knot free mash