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Posted 16 Sep, 2019 |

Are electric golf trollies worth the money?

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blogger | Posted 16 Sep, 2019

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Patrika Quorto

Home based wife | Posted 16 Sep, 2019

Absolutely! As a seasoned golfer, I have had a chance to try out many different types of trollies from push trollies to battery golf trollies. Right now, I use a Hill Billy electric golf trolley and it's one of the best trollies I've ever used. Not having to exert extra energy pushing your trolley really helps to improve your form on a long day of golfing.

The only real benefit I can see for having a push trolley is the size. Some push trollies can be slightly smaller than electric trollies and therefore they are easier to stow in your car or home. However, the electric trolley I bought folds away just like a push trolley does, and the size difference is barely noticeable. If you're considering and electric trolley, I would highly recommend investing in one. Although they are slightly more expensive, they are much better to use, in my opinion.