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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Science-Technology

Are Google and Alphabet the same company?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Google was originally founded, in 1997, to be a web search engine. However, over the decades, the company grew. It started working on countless other products and services in different domains. And most of these products and services didn’t have anything to do with the search engine or web for that matter. Meaning, the scope of Google (company) diversified just TOO much to be limited under the brand name of Google (search engine).

So, in 2015, Sergey Brin and Larry Page decided to split the Google (company) into multiple subsidiaries and then branch them together under the name Alphabet. Alphabet Inc is a holding company with Brin as President and Page as CEO. It’s a larger company that includes all the subsidiary projects of Google (the company).

Technically, Google and Alphabet are the same company. The leadership is the same; the majority of employees are the same. Plus, on NASDAQ stock exchange, Alphabet is represented as GOOG.

However, if you look closely, Alphabet is much more than just about search engine and web apps—something we originally recognize Google for. It includes many subsidiary companies that function under different domains with their own individual CEOs. Like, Alphabet includes Google (search engine and web apps company), Calico, Nest, GV (earlier Google Ventures), Boston Dynamics, Google Fiber and more.

Additionally, in recent times, Alphabet has started to invest in different IPOs and acquisitions. As it stands, it is these investments that have helped this parent company score big profits than expected in the first quarter of 2018; gaining more than $3 billion.

The returns from Google remain good but stagnant. Note this!!

So, again, technically Google and Alphabet are the same company. However, as was initially planned, as the days are passing, these are becoming 2 diverse entities. Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet. Alphabet has many companies under its name, including Google.

To conclude, don’t confuse Google and Alphabet to be the same. They are different!!!!