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Are Hindus forbidden to eat meat?


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Hinduism is 5000 years of age. Hinduism had no single organizer. Hindus don't have set rules that direct to you what you ought to or not do. Yet, food has been discussed in the Bhagavad Gita.

Today we will examine about something intriguing, which is food. Are Hindus permitted to eat meat? What does Bhagavad Gita say about food?, Did ruler Shiva eat meat? What's more, what religions don't eat meat?

What we eat is our own choice. The law likewise gives us the privilege to security. Yet, the individuals who has faith in any religion chooses this based on their convictions that what they will eat and so forth.

Do Hindu religions preclude eating meat? Hinduism offers us the chance to settle on up our own choices about food we eat. Without a doubt inside a family, you may discover a few individuals are veggie lovers, while others are most certainly not.

We should initially discuss what does Bhagavad Gita say about food?

Bhagavad Gita species three sorts of food and the decision are completely on yours, as long as we comprehend the outcomes.

1. Sattvic: the regular food sources: vegetables, natural products, milk, nuts, and grains: body sound, mind gets quiet, serene. Harmony and satisfaction.

2. Rajasic: food sources of Passion, which to fulfill the sense of taste. They stimulate the navel chakra.

In any case, when same food is prepared, incorporate oil, espresso, tea, bubbly beverages, sugar, salt, chillies. Builds wants for material things, prompts eagerness. Indeed, even in medication, it has been demonstrated that youngsters who have an abundance of sleek or sugar, prompted hyper-movement.

3. Tamasic: nourishments are food sources that are destructive to mind and dull agony for example liquor, saved food, and meat: they increment our resentment and bigotry. These are required now and again of stress for example war. Nonetheless, even in current medication, it has been demonstrated that overabundance of these over a drawn out use has prompted medical conditions.



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