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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Updated 30 Jul, 2018 |

Are home remedies to stop hair loss effective?

Zyan Malik

Blogger | Posted 26 Sep, 2020

Fenugreek or Methi seed is among the best home solutions for stop the going bald. It fixes the hair follicles and aides in re-development of the hair. Wealthy in proteins and nicotinic corrosive, fenugreek seeds fortify the hair shaft and make your hair solid, glossy and long.

visal tyagi

students | Posted 31 Mar, 2020

Aloe vera. ... Aloe likewise assists clean with increasing sebum, an oil that stops up follicles and keeps hair from becoming back. To adequately utilize this characteristic male pattern baldness treatment, basically knead unadulterated aloe vera gel straightforwardly along your scalp, or discover an aloe vera-based cleanser. Look at these different solutions for dry and harmed hair.

Sushmita Ghangas

@letsuser | Posted 21 Jun, 2018

Hair loss is a common problem these days which is faced by not only the aged but also the young. Factors that have led to the increase of hair loss these days include rise in pollution levels, use of chemical hair sprays, heating devices such as hair straighteners or curlers, stress, lack of nutritional diet, and many more. The list is literally unlimited. The question is then how to combat this issue of excessive hair loss.

There are several posters on the pavements where experts claim to cure excessive hair loss through surgeries and other methods. Ayurvedic oils also claim to do the same. But, they’re all the expensive and unreliable. Also, not to forget the side effects they bring in.

Thus, the most reliable means to stop it are the hair loss home remedies. These have several advantages such as:

1) Cost effective: Most of the ingredients are easily available at home.

2) No side effects: Hair loss home remedies are trial and error methods without any negative impacts.

3) Time saving: These ensure that you do not need to hunt the market for products and can spend time at home while making preparations for the hair-pack.

4) Multi-purpose: This means that if you apply onion juice, then it will cure excessive hair loss as well as premature greying. Similar is the case with other hair loss home remedies. They all combat more than one hair issue.