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Rohan Chauhan

Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on | Science-Technology

Are Oppo phones worth buying?


Delhi Press | Posted on

No, it is not worth to buy because their quality is not good and the other reason is that OPPO is a Chinese company.


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

Frankly speaking! Oppo phones are not worth buying. The reason behind this is very clear, Oppo doesn’t offer the quality for which they charge you. The company spends a lot of money on advertising and marketing to lure customers and they are just targeting this selfie obsessed generation smartly by giving average quality camera in their phones.

Did you ever notice Oppo never advertises about their processor inside the phone? Even you visit their website, you will find out they have mostly written about front and rear cameras of phones to brainwash you!

Oppo claims that they offer Octa-core processor, but they didn’t tell you, it is 3 years old processor that used to be run in old smartphones. The user interface is also just the copy of iPhones. The RAM they claim in their phones is 4GB but didn’t tell you, it is DDR3 RAM which makes your phone slow and it starts lagging after a few months.

Manufactures stopped making this RAM 20 years back and they are still using in their phones. Moreover, the body of their phone is made up of cheap plastic. If you are planning to buy an Oppo phone, I would say a big no and within the same budget you can look for Xiaomi phones which are worth buying!