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Amayra Badoni

Student (Delhi University) | Posted on | Astrology

Are people with curly hair lucky according to Astrology? How?


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It is said that God has created everyone as equal. But we find difference in thoughts, perceptions, nature, body design, color, race, and what not. Hair structure of different humans is different, and it is said that people having curly hair are really lucky.

According to experts, hair are of four types only: Black hair, Brown hair, Golden hair, and Soft hair. Astrology however says a whole lot more on hair.


According to astrology, those people whose hair are curly from behind their ears, are very lucky. They seldom face any hurdle in their way.

People whose hair are curly on the nape are also said to be very lucky. Such hair signifies wealth. These people are always successful, and they are known for their work and profession.


People having golden curls always have peace and happiness at their home. Such people are very enthusiastic and determined. Their work is the most important thing for such people.

Translated from Hindi by Letsdiskuss


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