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Are the characters in the Mahabharata fictional or real?


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I am over 100% sure that the characters in Mahabharata are genuine. There are endless confirmations to demonstrate this. Mahabharata is an aspect of our set of experiences. I figure it is smarter to encourage Bhagavat Gita and Mahabhatata in history classes rather than continually zeroing in on the coming of mughals and the British. Mahabharata is an ithihasam which implies it happened the manner in which it has been composed. So in the event that I need to give confirmations, let me continue to do as such.

1.Submerged city of Dwaraka:

Dwaraka which was planned by Vishwakarma according to the desires of Lord Krishna , had lowered under the ocean after the demise of ruler Krishna???. Be that as it may, the remaining parts have been found very recently,(1973–1980) which coordinate with the depictions given in Mahabharata.

2. Revelation of weapons:

A portion of the weapons utilized by the fighters during Mahabharata have been found. They have been followed back to the Mahabharat time. In Haryana, where the place that is known for Kurukshetra is available, these weapons have been discovered.Also in a town of Uttar Pradesh, a few weapons have been discovered which show noteworthy likenesses to those that have been found in Haryana. This town is accepted to be Varnavat, where the Kauravas had intended to execute the Pandavas by burning down the castle worked out of flammable materials. On the off chance that you don't trust me, look at it yourself.

3. Disclosure of Largest Tooth:

An abrnormally enormous tooth (multiple times bigger than ancient human tooth) was in the Denisova Cave of Russia in 2008. Through DNA tests ,it was discovered that the tooth was that of a human and it takes after the DNA of Indians. I figure it could have a place with Gadhothkach or somebody like him.

4. Brahmashtra-atomic weapon:

It is depicted in the Mahabharata, the impacts of dispatching a Brahmashtra. The portrayal expresses, "An exceptionally enlightening light, multiple times more brilliant than the sun is delivered alongside heaps of smoke. It fills in as a weapon to make impossible widescale demolition. It totally obliterates all plants, creatures and individuals." Humans had accepted for quite a while that such a weapon ***** have existed. Be that as it may, time makes a huge difference. During the World War 2, in 1945 , the atomic bombarding of Hiroshima and Nagasaki delivered all the impacts of Brahmashtra. Indeed, the American researcher, who headed the atomic weapon disclosure group, Robert Openheimer, was an individual who put stock in Hindu sacred texts. After the main trial of the atomic weapon, he said that it had made the brightening and warmth equivalent to 1000 suns. "Presently I truly comprehend what Lord Krishna had said in the Gita. I am shocked," he said.

5. Ancestry of Kings:

The mahabharata depicts a colossal genealogy of Kings which cannot be a finished creative mind of sage Vyasa. Also Maharishi Vyasa has referenced in endless spots in the epic , that it is history. On the off chance that he had been 'composing an imaginative story' as certain individuals may guarantee, he might have said as much. Truth be told individuals would welcome him more for his creative mind. At that point why lie??

6. Sanctuaries:

Sanctuaries for Draupadi and different characters of Mahabharata have been dicovered in various pieces of India.

7.Description of Kali Yuga by Lord Krishna:

Master Krishna has given a precise depiction of the life, contemplations, and conduct of the individuals who will live in Kali Yuga in the Bhagavat Geeta. Presently on the off chance that it was only a story, would anyone be able to anticipate the way of life of individuals a great many years back?? Will any of us foresee any of the world situations that may occur following large number of years? We are not even ready to precisely foresee climate situations. Foreseeing something as unrealistic as that isn't feasible for common people. Just Lord Krishna(who is the cause and end of everything known to man) can do as such.

Expecting confirmations for something that had happened a huge number of years prior, is somewhat strange. All the confirmations would have been wrecked at this point. However, there are endless confirmations to demonstrate that the Mahabharata had to be sure occurred.



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