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Aditya Singla

Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted on | others

Are the standards of being considered “cool” changing in 2018?


Student (Delhi University) | Posted on

Yes, along with the meme culture invading in people getting comfortable with the tags like “foodie”, “lazy”, and “procrastinator”, there’s a lot that has changed in 2018. Right from fashion trends to the hangout places, and from favorite past times to the shift in health awareness, this year is witnessing a considerable shift.

Below is the list of 10 things that were considered cool, but now have been replaced by other stuff.

1. iPhones: The days of owning an iphone and bragging about it have taken a backseat as people are preferring android phones over them.

2. Neglect of Health: These days you can see more and more people joining gym and getting conscious about their health and body.

3. Beauty standards: Days of Fair and Lovely are long gone. The girls with dark skin are being admired and even preferred in the entertainment industry as well as in our daily lives. Girls too are getting more and more confident and comfortable about their natural color skin.

4. Preferences in food: Pizza has become the undisputed king when it comes to satisfying the taste buds.

5. Facebook: With new filters and features, Instagram has successfully replaced Facebook and has become the most visited social networking site.

6. Vacation destinations: Travelling to the off beaten places and exploring new sites is being preferred over visiting the regular hill stations.

7. Staying out: People now want to stay in their home as much as possible. Technology has brought almost everything at their doorstep and now they don’t even want to go out for work. Work from home is the new trend.

8. Parties: Solitude and peace is being more appreciated than going out in large numbers to the clubs and have drinks and dance. People rather want to stay at home, binge watch some TV series, or read a book.

9. Appreciating modernity: Modernity is not being appreciated as much as it used do. Instead, people are embracing nostalgia and the lost culture, traditions, songs, etc., of the older times.

10. Neglecting environment: Youth today is being more aware and conscious about the environment. Planting trees and celebrating occasions like world environment day actively are getting in trend.