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Are there any archeological sites in Delhi which have lost their historical importance?


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The history of Delhi suffered a serious decline after the Mughal era. In the defacement of culture, architecture did not remain untouched. There are many such forts, fortresses, marketplaces, and tombs of historical importance which have now been changed or become something else. Below are some of them:

Zeenat Mahal: It was the palace of Bahadur Shah Zafar’s begum but today it has been converted into a girls’ school. It is in Lal Kuan in Old Delhi.
Kashmiri Gate and Kashmiri Gate Market: This market, situated right in front of Kashmiri Gate, has dilapidated a great deal and is nothing in front of the luxurious bazar it used to be at the time of emperor Shahjanabad.
Even the monument itself is isolated and seldom visited by tourists.
Kashmiri Gate and Kashmiri Gate Market
Hindu Rao Hospital: It used to be the headquarters of the British forces during the mutiny of 1857. Situated exactly opposite to Ashoka Pillar, the hospital’s main building is still called “Hindu Rao’s House.”
It also has the old “Hindu Rao Baoli” at its back.
Hindu Rao Hospital
Mazar-e-Ghalib: It is the tomb of most famous poet of Urdu, Mirza Ghalib. Located in Nizamuddin Basti, it is not as magnificent as is the name of Ghalib in Old Delhi. Although restored in 2009 from the much worse condition, the tomb has still lost the glorified neighborhood it used to have. However, it’s still worth visiting for its magnificent white marble construction.
Mutiny Memorial: A Gothic architecture built by British, has a special importance as it commemorates India’s first war of independence. Used to attack Kashmiri Gate in the 1857 mutiny, the memorial has now been forgotten and it is forbidden to go very close to it because of the ruined condition.
Mutiny Memorial
These sites are not as famous as Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, or Red Fort, but their historical importance is no less than these monuments.