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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | others

Are you looking for inexpensive gifts for your husband?


Company secretary,MBA | Posted on

Surprise your hubby with your creativity and originality. We all know it is an easiest to jump to shopping mall and buy materialistic things like shirts, watches, wallets, and many more. If you are tight on budget or you want to add that extra touch of your love, these inexpensive gifts ideas for your hubby will surely make him head-over-heels in love with you. Read below DIY tips.

Write a note for him

Yes, it never fails! Leave a note writing your precious memory or a heartwarming message to your soul-mate. Hide it in his wallet, keep it on the dinner table, or simply stick to the mirror. I bet you the moment he will read your note, he will adore you much more and cherish the note forever. It’s a quick and cheap gift which will make him smile right away!

Arrange dinner date at home

Yeah! It’s a sure shot way to win’s man heart. Why not prepare his favourite dishes and set a romantic dinner date at home only? Once, he enters home give him a new look of the house, filled with aroma of love and magic all around. Arrange the table beautifully with flowers and candles. It would surely give you both a feel of your first date? It’s inexpensive gift too! Try it once and share your experience.

Make a scrap book

Making a romantic scrapbook is a beautiful way to preserve and cherish your favourite memories. It is a unique way to express your feelings with your loved ones. On his birthday, valentines, or your anniversary plan to present this inexpensive gift. Materialistic gifts will fade one day, but these memories will never! All you want is – pour your heart in your write-up and preserve your relationship forever.