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At the time of Corona, Modi ji is proving to be the right Prime Minister?


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Head administrator Shri Narendra Modi is proceeding with his associations with different partners in India's battle against COVID-19.

Executive interfaces with more than 200 individuals every day which incorporates calls to different State Governors, Chief Ministers, and Health Ministers to get a direct input on India's battle against the COVID-19 danger.

Executive likewise telephonically connects with different specialists, medical caretakers, wellbeing laborers, and sanitation staff from different corners of the nation so as to urge them and to pay appreciation to their yeomen administration to the country and society.

Shri Modi additionally interfaces with individuals from different backgrounds through video conferencing with an end goal to control the spread of the Corona infection

Shri Modi has had conversations through video conferencing with the heads of different Electronic Media gatherings. He collaborated with the heads of different Print Media Groups on the 24th March.

PM in both the cases offered that media should counter negativity and frenzy through positive correspondence.

Head administrator additionally telephonically reaches to a portion of the individuals who are influenced with Corona Virus and to a portion of the individuals who have recouped from its effects so as to keep a report on their advancement.

Shri Narendra Modi in a unique video collaboration on 25th March 2020 with his constituents in Varanasi has bid for Resolve, Restraint and Sensitivity and urged the individuals to adjust to the accepted procedures in battling the infection.

Ordinary Interactions and Meetings

Since January Prime Minister Shri Modi held a few rounds of gatherings and conversations with individuals from different backgrounds and authorities so as to discover available resources to battle COVID-19.

Head administrator had been holding gatherings every day wherein he is refreshed consistently by the Cabinet Secretary and the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister's Office.

Executive is additionally being refreshed by the Group of Ministers (GoM) set up under the chairmanship of the Minister for Health and Family Welfare Dr Harsh Vardhan on the means being taken by the Government.

Showing others how its done

The Prime Minister declared that he would not be taking an interest in the Holi celebrations with an end goal to cause individuals to keep up social separating.

Address to the Nation - Janta Curfew and 3 Week Lockdown

So as to set up the nation to manage the COVID-19, the Prime Minister in his location to the Nation on the nineteenth of March 2020, asked the individuals to intentionally partake in the Janta Curfew for 14 Hours from 7 AM to 9 PM on the 22nd of March 2020.

While setting up the country effectively with an end goal to keep up Social Distance, the Prime Minister in his location to the country on the 24th March 2020, has advanced for a multi week lockdown as it is the main realized viable measure in controlling the spread of the infection.

Shri Narendra Modi, provided for the country his two dimensional mantra of "Resolve and Restraint" so as to battle the Corona Virus.

In his location the Prime Minister mentioned the individuals against alarm purchasing and guaranteed them of the steady inventory of fundamental products.

COVID - 19 Economic Response Task Force

To manage the monetary difficulties brought about by the pandemic, Prime MiniLetsdiskuss ster declared the formation of 'COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force' under the Union Finance Minister. The Task Force will counsel partners, take criticism, based on which choices will be taken to address the difficulties. The Task Force will likewise guarantee execution of the choices taken to address t