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Shivam Khandelwal

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Best Places to Travel in 2018?


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Traveling is a moment of life that should be memorable. So why not pick the best ones? Based on the annual rankings published by US News and World Report, 30 remarkable destinations are listed below which remain unparalleled in their culture, traditional and natural attractions. Here we go:
• Paris
• Yellowstone, US
• Rome

• Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia
• London

• South Island, New Zealand
• Phuket, Thailand
• Grand Canyon, Colorado
• Dubai
• New York City
• Patagonia
• Barcelona
• Yosemite National Park
• Santorini
• Maui
• Sydney
• Hong Kong
• Machu Pichu
• Rio De Janeiro
• Florence
• British Virgin Islands
• Costa Rica
• Bali
• St. Lucia
• Great Barrier Reef

• Banff

• Amalfi Coast
• Prague

• Maldives
• San Francisco
Whether you desire to go for an adventurous, have a seaside vacation or explore ancient or modern urban life, the list catering to various tastes has the destination of your choice too.

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Travelling is a break which help us to Revitalising. So why not we take such a wonderful break? travelling to multiple destinations will boost us and mark the footprints on every new path. With this exclusive guide, I am going to suggest the European Itineraries for 2019 travel list.

Europe is one of the most popular tourist attraction as the area is covered with lots of memorable historical places, although the region has been covered with ancient buildings, and construction works. You will see the clean beaches with fresh air.

People in Europe were very friendly, they always ready to help with the routes or places. Here I am going to share the top 5 cities in Europe which are not only popular tourists places but also wonderful enough to be on everybody's must-see list.

Rome- The city is known for its glorious ancient heritage, a town that once expanded its empire in Europe, Africa and Asia. First-time visitors can easily be overwhelmed by this wonderful city. Rome is divided into several districts, the Colosseum district, with the former attractions such as the Colosseum, the Capitoline Hill and the Roman Forum. Old Rome, with the Pantheon, stunning cathedrals, squares and Renaissance architecture, is located on the outskirts of the centre. Flights to Rome will be cheaper between October to March as compared to other seasonal months.


Amsterdam- The Schiphol airport is located 13 miles far from Amsterdam city. A journey takes 20 minutes by car, which cost around 39 €. The cheapest way to reach your destination is the train which costs around 5.40€ and it also takes 15-20 minutes to reach. The train station of Schiphol is located directly below the airport, and trains run 24 hours a day. 

London- It is one of the largest city of the United Kingdom and England. Heathrow Airport is a major international airport in London and one of the busiest airport in London which served cheap business class flights. It is 24 km far from the heart of London city. Taxi is the fastest way to reach the city which costs around £45- £70, you can also commute by Heathrow Express Train which takes 15-20 min to reach to the city centre which costs around £12- £16.

Istanbul- Ataturk Airport is a biggest international airport which serves as the main hub for Turkish Airlines, which is located 15 miles to the city centre which takes approximately 30 min to reach and costs around 20 Euros. You can get cheap flight tickets to Istanbul in Winter.

Manchester- Manchester is a major city of England in the north-west. It is one of the third most populous metropolitan city in the United Kingdom. Art lovers will surely enjoy this trip and will have a great time at Lowry. The Millennium Quarter Manchester Cathedral and the Manchester Town Hall on Albert Square are the two most visited attractions in the city. 

In Europe, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a vast panoramic view of land and sea, capturing your lively imagination.

Keep Travelling, and collect wonderful memories!!


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Europe is also best place to travel.


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If you are looking for the best places to travel then as per your requirements am recommending you some best places to visit in every year.

1. Berlin


As the country's capital, Berlin is the best urban areas to visit in Germany you'll be crushed to get the German city more varying than Berlin. With a normal populace of 3.7 million, Berlin is the European Association's second most swarmed city and is home to a wide extent of people with truly grouped establishments and social orders.

2. Helsingborg

Helsingborg has some vital royal residence ruins which keep an eye out over the harbor. Set on the Oresund, it has a perfect waterfront where there are clusters of bistros and eateries to while away a night.

If you are required to get any information regarding the best places to visit and other travel information then head to Adequate Travel


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Travelling rejuvenates you and is intended to be your escape for a brief time from the monotonous hustle bustle of your life.On a daily basis,many of us do not get the chance to sit back,relax and get awed by the wonders of the world,so that is what a vacation is for.
Below are some of the places you should definitely visit with your whole family:

Amazing beaches amidst the Indian Ocean is the ultimate spot to travel to.There are availability of many underwater activites like a fine dining experience and spa,etc,apart from the scenic beauty which will bedazzle you.
Prague is Europe’s most affordable destination.It is a hidden gem of history including many architectural landmarks,places full of culture,etc.It’s the perfect spot for you if you’re into that kind of thing.

It attracts travelers mainly in the dry season.It is a hub for those who are intrigued by wildlife and like to be surrounded by it.You can also sunbathe and swim in the exquisite beaches to relax.

Florence is known for it’s Italian charm.One can really soak up all the feels of the city by wandering down lanes looking at the antique churches,trying the rich food culture ,etc.

Hongkong is perfect for a family trip as it has everything from historical sites to family-friendly attractions where everyone can enjoy.Meanwhile,the food there is also a delight.


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