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shruti arya

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Best smart speakers in the market


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The Echo Dot is the market leader, and I think that perhaps it is the best speaker for the money...


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LG XBOOM AI ThinQ Speaker is best speakers is market.


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Sonos One is best smart speaker now a days


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I picked the third Generation Echo Dot due to cost. The speaker is superior to the second era, yet those picking a speaker for music playback ought to pick something different. You can combine a few Dots in a room with the goal that you have sound system, and they sell a subwoofer for it also. In any case, I trust it's conceivable to purchase a savvy speaker from an outsider that will incorporate into the Alexa (or Google Assistant) world. You'd even now require an Echo Dot (or like) pull it off however.

The Echo Dot is the market head, and I believe that maybe it is the best speaker for the cash.

Much thanks to you for the A2A.


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There are dozens of smart speakers available in the market and there are various companies that offer wide variety and price range, therefore it keeps on getting difficult to pick the best and suitable smart speakers for your home.

In the earlier blog I mentioned about the best smart speakers in the market offered by Amazon.

Here i mention various other models and companies which also offer great smart speakers with higher performance, great looks and worth for the price.

1. JBLlink portable
• Features- waterproof, Bluetooth v4.2, Google Assistant built-in, Chromecast, Airplay 2, music over Wi-Fi.
• Reason to buy – premium design, expansive sound and loaded with features
It is one of the most affordable and high energy speakers available in the market according to the price and features it provides. It has an extremely brilliant and premium design with expansive sound and amazing features. The speaker has oodles of details and amazing bass.
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2. SonosOne
• Features- Virtual assistant Alexa and Google, WiFi connectivity
• Reason to buy- Smart and attractive design, solid sophisticated sound quality, Alexa is well maintained
It is typically the most stylish and excellent smart speaker with Alexa and Google Assistant, It has an extremely smart and attractive design with expensive and sophisticated sound quality. It is absolutely value for money and will perform all the functions one really need it to perform. It is the best Google speaker in the market.
 SonosOne image-google
3. Ultimate ears mega blast
• Features- 16 hrs battery life, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
• Reason to buy- Dynamic sound quality, extremely loud speakers and excellent built and design
It is an extremely fun and energetic portable speakers with nicely controlled and terrific performance. It has dynamic sound quality and the speaker goes extremely loud which gives an excellent experience. The speaker has good battery life which lasts up to 16 hrs. The speaker has amazing design and sturdy body. They are listed as the top five portable speakers, the megablast portable speakers are absolutely fun to use.
Ultimate ears mega blast
4. Audio Pro Addon C5A
• Features- Virtual assistant Alexa, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
• Reason to buy- Brilliant sense of timing, dynamic sound and Alexa voice control
A class leading wireless smart speakers with Alexa voice control, literally makes your life systematic and easy. Addon C5 was the best wireless speaker of the year 2017 and adding voice control feature to the best speaking works as a cherry on the top.
 Audio Pro Addon C5A image-google
5. Applehome pod
• Features- Virtual assistant Siri with WiFi connectivity
• Reason to buy- Heavy authoritative sound quality, Siri and apple music works well, solid and stylish design
The best music centric speaker till the date with amazing and discrete sound quality. The virtual assistant Siri works extremely well, easy hearing and most capable. The design of the speaker are extremely strong and stylish, all together requires less space therefore it’s a compact smart speaker. It is the most impressive and quite expensive smart speaker in the market.
Applehome pod