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Best tips for Nepal trekking ??


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Tips for trekkers:-

On the off chance that you are going from India, at that point no licenses are required for a large portion of the treks. Worldwide voyagers need grants for the Indian treks.

Continuously convey a light rucksack with some comfortable garments regardless of the period.

Continually bring water bottles (3-5 liters) and diner supplements like treats, chocolates, and so on.

Abstain from drinking and smoking all through the excursion. Keep your body hydrated.

Try not to litter around. Keep nature spotless and green.

On the off chance that conceivable, acquire trekking gears from the base point, so you don't need to convey them directly from home.

Counsel your doctor before you attempt the trek.

Continuously convey a First Aid Kit with you.

Try not to ridicule the neighborhood culture and convention.

Try not to play noisy music any place you go. What's more, don't meddle with different voyagers.

In the event that you are going in a gathering, don't stray all alone.


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Letsdiskuss Nepal is a country which is famous for its divine Pashupatinath temple and mesmerizing Himalayan ranges. Nepal every year welcomes number of tourists and trekkers to get experience of Nepal’s mesmerizing picturesque and culture. Treks are one of the best experiences which come from lot of hard work but knowing some tips makes your trek easier like: ----

Always have necessary things with you like Bottle water, hand wipes, food and instant food which don’t get rotten and easy to prepare. Try to add glucose in your water as it will keep you hydrated while trekking. Use purifying tables to purify the water as water some water can be unfit to drink and led to disease. So keeps water purifying tablets with you.
First aid kit is an essential thing to have on any trek but during this trek you should take extra pills and proper medication materials.
Always have a map with you who help you find routes in the strange land and map is best option to lead in correct direction without getting lost.
Hire Sherpa’s and porter as they will guide you and help you on the way of trekking. Sherpa’s are very hardworking and trustworthy community of Nepal who will actually direct and help you during the trek.
Respect the local culture as they welcome us and serve us in every way so it’s our way of showing gratitude towards that.
Have proper clothing and trekking kit like boots have everything in pairs so that other can be used if one is torn or ruined.
Keep your hairs into braids or else it will turn into deadlocks. Have pair of sunglasses which helps you a lot and sunscreen and moisturizers are necessary to keep skin soft.
Keep extra charged batteries of your camera and smartphone in which you will capture your trek memories.
And just enjoy the wonderful trek of Nepal.


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