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Black Diamond Engagement Rings - What You Should Know Before Buying ?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Black diamonds are the best kind of diamonds—strong, regal, and incredibly beautiful (provided the cut is appealing). It, certainly, is a go-to in the jewelry world.

However, since very rare, they are also super expensive. So, if you’re planning to purchase black diamond engagement rings, there are a handful of things you must know before spending that much money blindly. 

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One of the foremost things you need to be careful about is whether the black diamond is authentic or enhanced. Many makers/sellers simply take white diamonds and enhance its form by irradiation to make it look like a black diamond. White diamonds are much cheaper and easily accessible. So, ask the seller if the diamond is natural or enhanced. Of course, you simply cannot rely on what the jeweler says—she/he might be lying. So, you must have your own parameters to identify whether the black diamond ring is authentic or not. 

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The first thing to do is ask for a GIA report. The GIA reports vouch for diamond’s highest quality standard, and reliability. So, if the seller produces this report, you can rest assured that the black diamond ring is completely natural or authentic. Aside from this, examine the black diamond yourself and look for a mirror-like surface that doesn’t have scratches, nicks, and cavities. If it’s clean and reflective, it’s like a real one. 

In addition, check the pricing. Before heading to any store, do some light research on the pricing of the black diamond ring online. Also, remember there’s always a scope to avail big discounts on black diamonds. So, if you’re in a store, bargain a good discount. OR, instead of shopping in regular days, purchase the ring during any festive season. You can score an even higher discount during such time. 

 (Courtesy: Santayana Jewellery)

Hope the answer helps. 

P.S. Of course, this goes without saying that you need to shop at a reputable store and NOT at your local, unknown vendor.


Owner | Posted on

Black diamonds are very rare, but they are cheaper than other color diamonds.


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