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Social Media and Freedom

Social media is deemed as “free” in more than one way. First of all, it is available to us without costing us anything. That’s how we were tempted to Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. Because it’s free. And when it’s free, it’s used unlimitedly. Misused too.

Meetali Asiwal

@ English content writer | Posted 16 Jul, 2018 | Others

Posted By: Meetali Asiwal (Posted 16 Jul, 2018)

Social Media and Freedom

We are world’s biggest democracy, and hence have numerous and diverse definitions of the word “freedom”. Of course, things are better when they are democratized, and that’s the reason why social media is a huge success. To start with, it comes free of cost. That’s how we are tempted to it –the world is at our doorstep without us having to pay anything. But those who live in, and appreciate democracy know that every freedom comes with a cost. And in case of social media, we are paying this cost not by our money, but by ourselves.

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. allow us the freedom which the media earlier never did. Our parents were only allowed to look for the similarities and relatabilities between themselves and movie characters from their favorite films. We today, have come many steps beyond that. We are free to construct, to create, to produce our own stories. We ourselves are the directors, we ourselves are the heroes. We can make anyone envious, happy, and sad, about our life and lifestyle by sharing it on Instagram and Facebook. With filters of course. Yes, we are even free to filter our life. To leave those parts which are unwanted and focus on those which need to be highlighted according to the latest trend. Social Media is utopian for post technological generation.

But the question is, where does such freedom lead us to? We are legally free to do whatever we like in the virtual world, but the question remains, are we morally free too? The answer is yes, because social media has made our conscience dead. We don’t think even once while doing the things on social platforms we would never do in our real life. That it has given birth to cyber-crime is needless to say. We have made ourselves better superfluously, but from inside we are as dead and degraded.

You are an intellectual on Twitter, a celebrity on Facebook and a beauty icon in Instagram. Your chat box is always flooding on Whatsapp and you are free to talk to, listen to, or look at, the person you want whenever you like. You are absolutely free to access any kind of information. With these platforms, you have got an unprecedented freedom of speech and expression. It’s like a democratic dream come true. Roast anyone and call it freedom of speech, make fun of anything and call it black comedy which is not understandable to the people of lower intellect, and put on display whatever you feel like.

I wish you had stopped and thought. Reflected, and contemplated for a while. Is it really freedom or an extreme form of enslavement? That you have virtual friends more than the real ones. That no one even knows your name in reality and that you are failing every time you try to establish an interaction or a relationship. You are failing terribly when it comes to being a family, a friend, a life partner, a human.

You are the modern Narcissus, drowning because you love your own beautified (not beautiful) reflection more than anything else in the world. I don’t think that’s the role of freedom. I don’t think that freedom is meant to enslave us.

Medha Kapoor

very nice

Amayra Badoni

sad but true . waiting for your next blog .

Sumil Yadav

Except from the fact that you write beautifully your thinking and thoughts are amazing too .