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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | Health-beauty

Can any yoga aasan bring glow to my face?


yogacharya at Dwarka Sports Complex | Posted on

Yoga is one such knowledge which is both important as well as profitable for human mind and body. Amidst human existence, yoga and Ayurveda has made an important place for itself. Yoga provides peace to not only human body, but also to the human soul. Now coming to your question, let’s see if there is any yoga aasan and poses that bring glow to our face.

According to the principles of yoga, we can never cure a disease without knowing its root cause. The glow from face does not vanish because of any one particular reason. Hence, we need to understand all those reasons and then look for the solution to your problem. There is not any one particular aasan that can bring glow to your face. There are many reasons of the vanishing glow, like:

Irregular sleeping schedule:

This is one of the major reasons of the disappearance of the glow from your face. Not sleeping on time, or having irregular sleeping schedule harms not only face or beauty, but health also.

Not taking a Balanced Diet:

Not taking meals on time, or taking meals without any regular timetable can also affect your face adversely. Consuming whatever you feel like, without paying any attention to the nutritional value of the food causes many harmful effects as well.

It is evident from the above mentioned points that improving lifestyle can improve your health and beauty to a great deal. Any yoga aasan which helps in blood circulation in your scalp and face can bring glow to your face and contribute to your glowing skin.

Some of the aasans like Shirsh Aasan Sarvaansh Aasan, Mayur Aasan, and Manduk Aasan increase the blood circulation in scalp and face, which brings color and glow to your face. It also keeps a check to your face’s wrinkles.



blogger | Posted on

The No makeup look has been quite trending over Instagram these days, which claims to provide glowing skin with minimum makeup. But what if we look for a solution which can give us this glowing skin without makeup and lasts forever? Yes, you can achieve that with yoga. Yoga has been associated with relieving stress and providing peace to the mind. But do you know it is also very helpful in bringing a glow to the skin? I am an ardent follower of yoga and have seen miraculous results on my face since I started practising yoga. One has to be consistent and pertinent in following a routine and practising yoga. In the long run, the visible difference can be noticed on your skin. It flushes out all the toxins from the blood and detoxifies the body. Yoga helps in balancing the hormones and releases all the waste from the intestine. It increases the blood flow to the skin. Thus giving it the needed nutrients and oxygen which provides that glow to the face.

There are many yoga asanas which are proved to be beneficial for bringing a glow to the skin. These asanas help in increasing the blood levels in the body and makes the skin healthy and glowing. You must have been inspired by the beautiful skin of Shilpa Shetty, and the secret to her flawless skin is yoga. Her videos and tutorials are quite famous, and she had emphasised enough on the art of yoga to achieve great results. So, let’s discuss some yoga asanas which can help you achieve the skin of your dreams.

1. Matayasana (fish pose)- this asana is quite significant as it helps in improving the skin by enhancing the blood circulation of the head. It is a back-bending pose which also helps with digestion and bloating. This pose is simple to practice and increases the blood flow of the skin.

2. Bhujangasana ( cobra pose)- this asana also brings a natural radiance on the skin. It opens up the chest and takes in more oxygen which gives the skin a dose of fresh energy.

3. Halasana ( plough pose)- This asana is beneficial when it comes to bringing a glow on the skin. It relaxes your mind and body and releases all the stress and tension, which in turn leads to a state of calm mind which makes the skin glow from within.

4. Trikonasana (triangle pose)- this asana helps in increasing the blood flow to the head and face. This provides the look with a natural glow.

5. Pranayama- this is also very effective as it controls the breathing and cleanses the skin from within. It provides a natural glow to the face and prevents acne and pimples.

6. Sarvangasana ( shoulder pose)- this asana involves standing on shoulders which pushes all the blood flow to the head and provides a natural flush to your skin. It improves skin texture and increases blood circulation in the body. It also cures pimple, acne and dullness.

7. Pavanamuktasana- this pose helps in proper digestion of the food, which helps in maintaining the glow of the skin. It also provides relief from constipation which helps in reducing pimples and acne.


All these yoga asanas can be beneficial and helpful in making your skin glow from within. One needs to be consistent with them and practice it daily as a routine. It can show excellent results. Who doesn’t dream of a flawless complexion? Of course, most of us women and getting it naturally without spending heavily on it would be a cherry on the cake. So, what are you waiting for get going and incorporate these yoga asanas in your life and make your skin glowing and healthy?


student | Posted on

Apart from the Health benefits body posture, Yoga would help you to glow your skin but you have to be regular and eat healthy food.