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Can bearded dragons eat grapes?


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Wow, you have a bearded dragon! Do you want your dragon to eat grapes? But are you confused whether grapes will be suitable for your dragon or not, right? Do not worry! Here is a detailed discussion of the question of whether a bearded dragon can eat grapes or not.

Bearded dragon food: What nutrition must it contain?

  • 1.To avoid constipation and help smooth digestion of your bearded dragon, fiber in huge quantities is required.

2.Avoid foods that have high acidic content so that their mouth doesn't get burned.

3.Feed her with foods that contain high levels of antioxidants so that heart diseases, inflammation, and allergies can be prevented.

  • 4.For improved kidney function or avoid the problem of dehydration, offer your bearded dragon the food that contains a high level of water.

  • 5.Search for the foods which contain potassium for blood pressure regulation.

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Bearded dragon favorite food:

Well, grapes do contain all the above-mentioned nutritional facts. So grapes can be considered as bearded dragon's favorite food. Wow, you are sure that your pet bearded dragon does not suffer from tooth decay, diabetes or obesity! Then you can feed your bearded dragon with a maximum of two grapes for not more than once a week.

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Can bearded dragons eat grapes?

If they suffer from diabetes or other problems, try to avoid grapes to feed them. If your pet bearded dragon is free from these diseases, feed the grapes following these two facts:

  • 1.The dragon may feel choked and find it uncomfortable to breathe if the grapes are not seedless.

  • 2.Grapes in huge quantities are not good because oxalate content in grapes can remove the calcium from the blood of your bearded dragon.

  • 3.For the better health of bearded dragons, they require food with equal quantities of calcium and phosphorus. But grapes contain more phosphorus than calcium.

Keeping in mind the following conditions, it's better to feed grapes as little as possible to your pet bearded dragon.


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