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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Can Brexit still be stopped after Queen Elizabeth approved the Brexit Bill?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Here’s what Liam Fox, International Trade Minister, has said recently— “So lest anyone is any doubt, the chances of Britain not leaving the European Union are now zero.”

After 250 hours of debate on the floors of parliament since the Brexit bill was introduced in July 2017, Queen Elizabeth has granted her approval to the Brexit legislation. And this has ultimately sealed the deal for Britain. It is exciting from European Union. There’s no looking back for them now. March 29, 2019, is set as Brexit day in Brexit law.

In March of next year, Britain would finally and formally exit EU.

We all know that the primary reason for exit was to prohibit the free flow of immigrants but the disadvantage could be that Brexit could slow the growth !

So, to answer your question, no—there is NO chance that Britain’s exit from EU membership can be stopped now.

Dislike it as much as you want. It’s happening!



Blogger | Posted on

Most likely not. The UK constitution is truly muddled z and to a serious extent dependent on conventions and I'm positively no master, yet Queen Elizabeth, don't generally have any political force. She doesn't have any veto control over choices of Parliament, similar to certain presidents do. In actuality her lone political force lies in her regard from the general population, and that regard relies upon her not utilizing that political force.