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Can China become the strongest country in the world?


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It can and it will !

One of the biggest reasons behind that would be the way how the USA, under Donald Trump, has closed its door and shut away from the basic concept of globalization. This has paved way for China to play a bigger role on the global scale.

Russia is another powerhouse. However, when it comes to dominating the world in every aspect, the country lacks what’s required. It deals with its own internal problems, it doesn’t enjoy as much repo with other countries, to that there are many countries who just don’t get along with Russia, thanks to their relationship with the USA.

India, too, has a chance of becoming the strongest country. However, it still has a long way to go in terms of economy, innovation and military power. The country still struggles with a lot of socio-economy internal issues that blinds its way to global domination.

Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany – although they have a great say on the global scene, they can never really be the “strongest country” due to their lack of ambition and humbling policies.

So to answer your question, yes, China can (and will) become the world’s strongest power in a decade or so.