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राहुल ओबरॉय

Engineer,IBM | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Can Donald Trump trigger World War 3?


Blogger | Posted on

No if he did he will gonna face a big loss.


Blogger | Posted on

Possibly. A significant war would fill in as an interruption away from the reprimand. To the reptile's brain, that is a completely fundamental move to guarantee His political endurance. On the off chance that a war results from His foolishness, He calculates that all will circle the wagons around Him and He'll be viewed as America's chivalrous, enthusiastic friend in need. That is an outcome that He hungers for. The United States is a minor toy to do with however he sees fit. In His brain, He and the United States are very much the same. As He goes, so does the U.S. The House of Representatives is irrelevant. The Republican possessed Senate will elastic stamp everything he might do. In the event that Congress by one way or another discourages His arrangements, He calculates the stacked Supreme Court will overrule the obstructor. We are presently vassals under a tyranny, and definitely *****. We no longer have any voice in government.

What individuals neglect to acknowledge is that the trial that is the United States we knew, isn't ensured, and never was. Without a doubt, it is no more. You can see it retreating in the back view reflect.


Blogger | Posted on


Good question. He does have some reasonable minds around him, especially on his security team. He is, however, a bit of a macho man, as we have seen with missile strikes, something that did not conform to his previously expressed nationalist views. Which also indicates as bit of a loose cannon. Scarier still is his ties to the Mercers. Robert Mercer is close to a man (sorry forgot name) who believes the dangers of radioactive poisoning is overrated. Trump is prone to believing screwball theories. Does he believe this one? He did ask why we have nukes if we're not gonna use them. Conclusion: it's Trump, so anything's possible. Let's all cross our fingers together, and hope reasonable minds prevail.


blogger | Posted on

Letsdiskuss It’s true that when it comes to national security issues trump, at best, doesn’t know his as-h-le from a hole in the ground. At worst, he may even be in secret partnership with Putin. However, he has appointed General Mattis as his Secretary of Defense and General H. R. McMasters as his National Security Advisor. These are two well regard, dedicated individuals and trump seems to be listening to them. Furthermore, the Putin collaborators/influence agents trump appointed are gradually being stripped away. At least three of the big names have left. I believe if things continue in the manner in which they have gone for the last couple of months then things may turn out OK.


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

So, there’s a self-proclaimed “messenger of God”, who said that World War 3 will take place between April 13 and May 13. The month has passed with no stand-out turmoil on the global scale other than regular things (war going on in Syria and North Korea doing missile tests every once in a while).

As far as US President Donald Trump is concerned that he might trigger WW3, many people and even experts believe that if he continues with his current foreign policies, there might be a bit of possibility to it. There is a piece on USA News Posts that says “President Donald Trump is doing foolish acts which would ignite another war.”

But there are also so many other experts and academicians who think WW3 is unlikely to happen anytime soon. A column in Indiana Daily Student says, “The countries that are going through rapid expansion today do not have the firepower nor the influence to start another world war, and countries who have been through these wars in the past are unlikely to be dragged in willingly any time soon.” (2)

This whole issue is lot more complex. Yes, there’s a President like Donald Trump who, more confrontational and sometimes irrational, have the button to nuclear. But there are also those few leaders like in Canada, France, Germany, Britain, India, and Australia who are far from the views of having a global war. Plus, today, we also have plenty of civil societies, NGOs, many arms of UN and of course a large population of sane thinkers who ensures we’re all at peace and harmony.

I think that everyone is safe from the possibility of another World War. It’s not happening anytime soon.


student | Posted on

Yes he can he is a madman ,


Student | Posted on

won't cause WW3. (What's more, Hitler didn't "cause" WW2)

They're simply organize 4 side effects of a sickness called human instinct.

Innovation upheavals quickly increment the total populace

while at the same time dispensing with the requirement for individuals on earth.

They make deficiencies in assets and business that make us

Dread for our survival, HATE each other as contenders...

also, in the long run KILL each other as adversaries. We're encountering

a Global Technology Revolution that started in the 1920's and 30's.

The total populace before WW2… was 2.3 Billion individuals.

In those days, it took a century to expand the total populace

by a billion people. Since WW2... the total populace has

been expanding by a billion people like clockwork.

The present populace surpasses 7.4 billion individuals.

There are 5 essential approaches to control overpopulation:

Contraception, Euthanasia, Starvation, Disease, and War.

Which of these 5 techniques might you want to use to control it?

(furthermore, which of these strategies might you want to maintain a strategic distance from?)

THESE are the intense choices that confound and separate us.

Are "Professional Life" supporters "Genius Overpopulation" supporters?

Or on the other hand since they are against Birth Control and Euthanasia…

is it true that they are simply "Genius Starvation, Pro-Disease, and Pro-War"?

On the off chance that we grasp the innovation that CREATES our overpopulation;

and disregard the innovation that can CONTROL our overpopulation...

Nature WILL utilize Starvation, Disease, and War for populace control.

WW2 decreased the total populace by 3% (60 million individuals)

3% for WW3 would be 210 Million People. (atomic war required)

The WORLD needs WW3. That is the reason heads like Trump are in power.