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Can I grow vegetables in balcony garden?


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Growing vegetables in your balcony garden isn't a herculean task. It is not that much hard as it seems. It just requires time, patience and care. Even if you don't have enough space for a garden, a small balcony can do wonders for you.

From tomatoes to chillies and leafy spinach to coriander, you can now grow them all in your own little garden. Sow the seeds as deep as the seed is large and then give some water to them after sowing. You can use an old plastic water bottle with holes pierced in the lid to sprinkle the surface every day or so.

In about a month when the seeds yield and grow bigger, you can plant them outside in larger pots to grow on to maturity. In the beginning, your balcony garden is fine as long as seeds are warm and get lots of natural sunlight.